Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Do Care; For Your Happiness

“I love the time spent with you on internet,
as you have been a source of care and
happiness to me in my tough days,
I hope we will keep this relationship forever.

God bless you, take care of yourself and
your family,

Believe me; I do not forget anyone of you with
whom I have spoken. YOU will be with me
always in your heart; and don't take this away.
It has to do with the Spirit; and I feel that in you.

Carol Kappes   April, 2013
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Dedicated to IA
Inspired of caring for others

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Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
This was of importance to place as I have helped many connections and they likewise have helped me. This tells me that emotions are vital and alive in people; and when they "need" someone to "listen" to them; it makes all the difference in the world! That shows you CARE.
When you meet people, you first take notice of their face, then you start to communicate to them. This is how I have observed many things in my life. I observe the "spirit" within them; and that to me is the core or essence of living.

Thanks for visiting my blog,