Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Real Gem!

Sometimes in life
Very few people can
Make a place in ur heart

And u r damm sure
1 of them..a real gem...
Thank you..

Carol Kappes          (Written Title)
Social Networker    (Written Verse)
Dedicated to AS
In collaboration


Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
This verse was important to remind everyone that the kindness of others makes a place into your heart.

There has been many people we come across with in our lives; and some of them stay indefinitely in your mind.

The definition of a gem in this verse means "something prized as being beautiful or perfect."

(Merrian-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary-1998)

Carol Kappes said...

Reading this again I realize that I missed so much in life, too.

Life doesn't work out the way you always want it to; someone else directs it too. It doesn't always go planned the way that you thought.

Keep your gems close to your heart!

Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:

Upon reading this verse again; my thoughts came to me this morning-

If I have the chance for a second life with a loving, affectionate man; my choice of a ring would be the black pearl ring, it seems so ideal for me. I always loved pearl rings and I already have the white one.

Diamonds were not a lasting symbol of love for me. Maybe in meant a lasting beauty to behold instead! For you see, God's World is beautiful, full of love and peace.

Let each day, bring happiness into your life.