Thursday, December 13, 2012

War and Its Emotional Effects

these days my brother was mortally wounded in 1992…

“Can you briefly tell me what he said in the letter that is vital for us to know?  What do you remember as IMPORTANT in the words that he left for you?????”

in wounds on the battlefield lying wounded…

“You sound very hurt from this terrible war?  It must have been so bad”

worse than you think…

what about the novel that I possess

“tell me of your novel?”

this is unpublished novel about the war in bosnia

i want to publish in USA, need a publisher

“are you writing this?”

it is written in the war in war conditions

“Your brother left this behind you told me earlier, now I remember”

“Bosnia sounds like a great name for your country!”

bosnia sounds like carol

history says that bosnia was three

“Has it been published in your country?  To tell of the pain?”



Carol Kappes   2012   (My VOICE in quotes)
Social networker         (His VOICE in verse, also)
In collaboration;  inspired by chat dialogue
He is from Bosnia and Herzegovina area

Language barrier understandingJ

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Carol Kappes said...

It has been 20 years since the start of this war; yet it is told to me today. This effects the emotional well being of the people and societies in nations.

Why is it that people have so much hate? I know that the forces of evil strike when love has been forgotten. What happened to humanity and mankind?

I can say more; but the hurt is in people from war torn nations.