Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Life to Hold!

There was one time in my life when I felt depressed.  I remember it was around junior high.  You know what I did?
 I picked up the Bible.  And read His Word.

It gave me Hope
To want something and eventually it will be granted in time.

It gave me Thankfulness
To learn to be grateful in life and don’t take things for granted.

It gave me Strength
To know that in things we endure, we learn to pick ourselves up and keep going.
It gave me Wisdom
To know that knowledge is the beginning to understanding your life.

It gave me Love
To know the depth and meaning to the divine love that is given to us.

It gave me Faith
To believe and trust that all things are possible through Him.

It gave me Life
To learn that the Spirit enhances our desire to be all that we can be in life through knowing Him.
It gave me Courage
 To learn that when we go through difficulties in life; it builds our character.        
It gave me Prayer
To take a moment each day and reflect upon; and give thanks and praise to Him.                                                        

Carol Kappes     2011
Inspired of Despair and
Hopelessness in life


Carol Kappes said...

You know we live our entire life and we still can have this feeling of despair. This is why we must "hold" onto something that keeps us dedicated and strong till our death.

We come into this world as an individual and we also die as an individual.

Sam Proffitt said...

Truthfully I am still being taught most of these things. And on a daily basis! The thing is, I'm being taught over and over. APPARENTLY, I didn't get it the first time. I think, trapped in this skin, that is our journey. Until we get it right, we can't stand before him.

Carol Kappes said...

Yes; we most certainly are in a journey throughout life. We all go through the beauty and thorns of what we experience in our lives. We hold onto our strengths.

I realize more now that I had learned and observed early in my life. I have self-taught myself in many ways and I truly believe that wisdom comes from the higher source.

You are right that someday we may be judged before Him; when we pass this earth life for another one.

Thank you for visiting my blog and also share it with your family and friends:)