Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You have become very selfish
Only think of your own needs
You do not want to share
Think you’re better than others
Shows signs of disrespect
Do not live a Godly life
You want to fulfill your desires
You feast while others suffer
Decisions based on your choices
An effect that you want more
Your ego has become self-centered

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of Greed


Carol Kappes said...

I have observed greed in my life. It takes a toll on the mental obsessive of the individual and the others feel hurt from their neediness.

gogee bin said...

Wish you Happy birthday carol cappes..... today is 18 oct 2012 ... long live with good health... may Allah bless you...

Gohar ali

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! from Fort Atkinson, IA

Carol Kappes said...

Thank you for your kindness in sending me your greetings. Yes, like every birthday;I was very busy in my work. The weekends don't seem to come around that often to be at home and enjoy a day without work.
As you mentioned "Allah" / "God" are the same. We have only one God in this universe. But it was man that changed religions...and when religions are changed, so are many ideas, doctrines, the way we are to live, etc. It was God that gave the world many languages.
HE has blessed me enough to live and tell all of you what is stored in my mind with the wisdom and knowledge that only HE has given me the ability to do. The next two months will finish out the year and there is verse for everyone to enjoy.

Carol Kappes said...

Greed comes in all types of forms. It can be money, food, collections, power, clothing, etc. In another words; overindulgence.

Sam Proffitt said...

I liked this one too Carol, however, not living a Godly life...hmm...by whose standard are you referring to? Not being cynical, just trying to figure out what that means. In my life, I think I live in Gods eye, or try to. If I'm going to do a thing, I turn and see Jesus hanging on that cross. As he looks down at me, if I can still do this thing, then it is right and just. If I can't, I try and stop whatever it is I was going to do. This is just me. I know people that say this. Living a Godly life. But most, by experience, a Godly life is how they see it, not you.

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Sam; and welcome to my blog.
In this phrase "not living a Godly life" in this verse means that if you do not have self-control and keep purchasing, hiding, gambling, taking, then you are causing GREED; you are not caring, helping, or sharing with your family or others.

I did have experience on 2 occasions of "greedy people" and it hurts and is very discouraging.