Thursday, September 13, 2012


Use your voice and concern
Show respect while there
Tell and report what’s wrong.

Use guidance in your actions
Never use force or violence
Find your reason to protest.

Your hurts are being heard
Mention where it is wronged
Emotions become overdriven.

Chaos develops when angry
Hell breaks loose wildly as
Understanding has been lost.

Carol Kappes  2012
Inspired by world events
Respect religion and cultures

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Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
This verse has been written on behalf of what people do out of disrespect and disregard for fellowship within the world. The "film" has caused an outroar in our world. I'm truly sorry things like this happen out of people's bad choices.

This is why learning respect to culture is so meaningful for a world to ever live and be in peace. Or for that matter to live in peace in our own country.

This is why protests occur. So much misunderstanding and learning differences from people's minds.