Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Where do they come from?
How does it make us feel?
Why do we have them?
When do they appear?
What distance are they?
How do we use them?

Some thoughts are words,
And some thoughts are pictures.
Some thoughts are good,
And some thoughts are bad.
Some thoughts stay with you,
And some thoughts are forgotten.

Your thoughts reflect you
And is determined by you:
“Who You Are”
“What You’ll Be”
“Where You’ll Go”
“What You’ll Do”

Carol Kappes    2011

Inspired by a networking friend
Created in Macy’s café


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
Sometimes I'm beginning to wonder if the thought process is being denied, restricted, or people deprived in the less developed countries when education is not being persued at an early age. One needs to be creative in their early years for brain activity and growth to occur. Is there forced thought control on people where there is limited basic needs just to survive?
If you teach everyone the same for a number of years; and then intercept at the later years for their career; are the people knowledgable to have alot of understanding within the culture?
Are there many jobs within those countries such as health, food needs, schools, laws, etc? This is what keeps things moving and progressing in the country.

Carol Kappes said...

Today and before I've always had reason to believe that The Trinity certainly exists. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is the Trinity.

The death of Christ proved this when one of his last words were "Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit."

Most often I find that our thoughts are directly influenced within our talents which are a gift from God. We are all born with certain unique, individualized talents to contribute to something in this world. This is what makes us help one another in the world.

Christ came upon the earth doing what He was destined to do, just the same as you and me. He had a purpose and lived it.

May your thoughts find direction to your dreams and goals.