Friday, June 1, 2012

Life’s Moments

Of all the things in life I’ve seen
Memories come often in between.
The times of parents curving you
In directions worth steering through.

Going north, south, east or west
It doesn’t matter, whichever is best,
To reach the chance and the desire
Whatever your heart begins to fire.

Strangely enough, it becomes most certain
That when it’s the last final curtain,
Life was patterned in such a way
That it brightened with every passing day!

Carol Kappes   1987
Inspired of duty after Graduation


lenworth scully said...

Life is love, life is fun..Make sure you live and love life, and your fun will never done!

Carol Kappes said...

Lenworth: What an excellent statement and thought added to this verse. You couldn't have said it better! And so very true. Thanks for making a visit to my blog.