Monday, May 14, 2012

Slim Down, Please! (Carol’s Health Plan)

Slim down your weight for yourself and others
Take a multi-vitamin each and every day
Eat much smaller meals (very small portion size)
Eat all food groups in moderation and not excess
Limit salad dressings, high calorie snacks, etc
Limit your sweets, limited alcoholic and sugar drinks
When you find yourself hungry; eat fruit, drink water!
Not like plain water?  Add lemon or lime juice to taste
Walk daily at morning, lunch, and/or evening
Do push-ups, lift arm weights, leg lifts, and cardio
You’ve noticed you have more energy and stamina
You weighed yourself and lost 5 pounds this week!
You’re feeling like a whole new person once again
You’ve measured into more fashionable clothes now
You’ve seen emotional habits lessen or disappear
Continue and retain your new ideals of your weight
Now thank yourself for a healthy body and outlook!

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of healthy body,
 Outlook , and lifestyle


lenworth scully said...

Exercise and eating right is a big part of our happiness!

Carol Kappes said...

Lenworth; You're absolutely right. You couldn't have said this any better.

Readers; I will write soon the reason that I wrote this piece. As always, I'm busy with alot of work in my life:)

JL said...

Thank you Carol, I will do my best to follow, your diet and will let you know, In a week or so, and will continoue to walk my 3 and 4 miles Mon. thru Fri.

Carol Kappes said...

JL and Readers; Many people have asked me what I do to stay in shape, so it is pretty much what I have written here today on my blog. I consider myself average, not slim, but I did work on getting this way and I know you all can too!

Carol Kappes said...

Dear Readers:
This was important to write as I want people to get the message to stay in good shape, healthy and to have a great outlook into their elder years. You must take charge when you are young so that it doesn't catch up to you later. I see this all the time in my health (dental) career and it's an aspect that many problems can be prevented if we only take care of ourselves in body, mind and spirit!

Carol Kappes said...

The magazines I love to go with this verse are Women's Health and Men's Health; published by Rodale. YOU couldn't ask for a better magazine and it also works wonders for your marriage. A great piece of advise from ME:)

Carol Kappes said...


Another thing that I would do when I feel hungry is to drink water and then chew gum. This also curbs down your hunger till your next light meal.

All the best for you,

Thomas Williams said...

Thanks Carol. Sound words of wisdom and a great road map to success.

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Thomas;

I wish you much success in your life; and let me know how it went by Christmas Date!

Thanks for reading my website, and possibly even my book. Take much care,

Your Author,
Carol Kappes