Monday, May 28, 2012

You’re On My Mind

Here I am lying awake in bed,
Thinking of things you’ve often said.
It’s been sometime since we’ve kept in touch
And I realize just how I miss you so much.

Hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time
For life is to be enjoyed while in your prime.
Although I think of you many miles away;
Will there be a time when you might stay?

Carol Kappes   1985
Revised last line;  2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Slim Down, Please! (Carol’s Health Plan)

Slim down your weight for yourself and others
Take a multi-vitamin each and every day
Eat much smaller meals (very small portion size)
Eat all food groups in moderation and not excess
Limit salad dressings, high calorie snacks, etc
Limit your sweets, limited alcoholic and sugar drinks
When you find yourself hungry; eat fruit, drink water!
Not like plain water?  Add lemon or lime juice to taste
Walk daily at morning, lunch, and/or evening
Do push-ups, lift arm weights, leg lifts, and cardio
You’ve noticed you have more energy and stamina
You weighed yourself and lost 5 pounds this week!
You’re feeling like a whole new person once again
You’ve measured into more fashionable clothes now
You’ve seen emotional habits lessen or disappear
Continue and retain your new ideals of your weight
Now thank yourself for a healthy body and outlook!

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of healthy body,
 Outlook , and lifestyle

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Mother is a …

Caretaker—Takes care of children
Nurse—Bandages their hurts
Teacher—Educates their mind
Minister—Shows kindness and love to others
Coach—Helps guide their activities
Fireman—Quenches out immoral thoughts
Provider—Making sure they have a house and clothes
Manager—Organizes their play and friends
Bouncer—Stops the sibling fights
Policeman—Protects them from danger and drugs
Banker—Teaches them money skills
Doctor—Treats their colds and fevers
Pilot—Steers them towards the right direction in life
Soldier—To serve love of country in their mind
Cook—Nourishes them with food
Mechanic—Makes sure their manners run properly
Gardener—Categories them to a spiritual life
Leader—Motivates them to be responsible
Photographer—Takes pictures of them throughout the years
Funeral Director—Teaches them about death
Therapist—Informs them of body and safe sex
Counselor—Teaches them to make good choices
Actress—Plays the role model
Salesman—Talks about  her children and is proud of them
Adviser—Shows them morals, ethics, and values
Builder—Builds their character, strength, and understanding
Chauffeur—Drives them to places
Speaker—Announces when events takes place
Seamstress—Sews and mends their clothing
Cleaner—Launders their clothes
Watchdog—Guards them against waste, theft, and dishonesty
Janitor—Maintains and cleans the home
Painter—Paints a future for her children

A Mother’s work is never done!

Carol Kappes   2011
In honor of Mothers around the world

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When you are a serious person
Some things get to your system.

You’d like things to be perfect
Even though it seems impossible.

You have to learn to adjust of
The circumstances that you face.

And the last month seemed difficult
So I’m giving myself a break.

Please hold firmly to your ideals
Until then, it’s what you’ve become.

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of peoples’ traits