Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Faced the Devil…

He breaks your heart
He diseases your mind
He tears you apart
He corrals you in
He establishes your body
He stunts your growth
He messes your thoughts
He wants your sinfulness
He hates your wisdom
He leads you astray
He stresses your identity
He disables your dignity
He destroys your emotions
He defaces your image
He endangers your psyche
He corrupts your beauty
He plays you wrong
He took your advantage
He condemns your obedience
He weakens your strength
He deadens your feelings
He chokes your breath
He controls your tongue
He cheats your behavior
He denies your trust
He crashes your faith
He curses your job
He depletes your finances
He vandalizes your progress
He rebukes your conduct
He lowers your standards
He parasites your family
He robs your worth
He despises your looks
He spoils your manners
He trashes your personality
He envelopes your kindness
He cusses your character
He quenches your spirit
He weakens your discipline
He threatens your self-esteem
He scorns your righteousness
He steals your love
He tempts your soul
He smothers your words
He deceives morality

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of true distaste,
Aversion, hate, loathe


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers: This was important for me to write to demonstrate how the "devil" works. From what I observed in my life; this is the absolute work of the devil. He tries every which way imaginable to destroy a subject.

John L said...

ALL is very tru and I will keep that i mind

kenneth martinez said...

So true thank for Jesus he help me....