Friday, April 20, 2012

Divorce Aftermath

Receiving the Dissolution of Marriage
Feeling the emotional grief of rejection
Mental anguish escapes the numbed mind
Mend from the support and advice given
The suffering and the pain becomes less                    
Your strength is gained as an individual
Looking for another place to live
Division of personal property and possessions
Judgment and Decree finalized
Moving out and separating family
Thoughts come across to your children’s life
God happens to be there with you now
Beginning to feel whole and loved again
Deleting from the mind memories from the past
Beginning to feel love and happiness again
Knowing that many others still care for you
Realize that life does go on for you to enjoy
Your mind once again shows courage to begin

Carol Kappes    2012
Inspired of the divorce
Emotional effects

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Carol Kappes said...

I want to thank my connections and readers that helped me with their support during this trying time in one's life. Their kindness and words really helped and I show much appreciation to them. And they all know who they are! And yes, many have been foreign friends throughout many countries.