Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Balm Your Lips!

It’s so important to keep
Them subtle and pretty.

Be it summer time
From hot, scorching sun

Be it winter time
From dry, warm heat

You don’t want to end up
With dry, cracked lips!

Always Keep Them Moist

Carol Kappes


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers: This verse was of importance to me because your first impression when you meet someone is their face. All aspects of personal grooming are observed in that moment; your eyes, smile, lips, hair, etc.
You just never know if you'll leave with a kiss on your lip, cheek, or hand!

lenworth scully said...

Proper grooming and personal hygiene makes a good first impression.

Rizwan said...

Nice thoughts dear. Thanks for the share.

Carol Kappes said...

And thank you for visiting my blog! You just never know how interesting each posting becomes!