Thursday, December 1, 2011

Divine Love-

Reaches out to you
Comforts you
Heals you
Consoles you
Helps you
Satisfies you
Blesses you
Guides you
Loves you
Protects you
Strengthens you
Lifts you
Nourishes you
Trusts you
Answers you
Encourages you
Cares for you
Touches you
Holds onto you
Motivates you
Inspires you
Hears you
Forgives you
Weeps with you
Watches over you

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired of the “Greatest Love”
As in God’s Love

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Carol Kappes said...

It is now our Lent season, and in rereading this verse, I want to elaborate a line. Jesus wept is a line in the Bible. He came upon Lazarus death, heard from the family members that he died (Jesus wept) and he was buried. Then Christ went to the grave to tell Lazarus to come out.

Christ was a human being with feelings for others and also Christ had the power of miracles to occur. Often times He did demonstrate faith or belief when He was living among the people.

As people, we too must have faith and belief in God and in things to come. Christ is the resurrection and life.

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