Monday, September 19, 2011

What Makes Your Life Cloudy?

Is it that you aren’t busy enough?  Maybe you need to work on something?
Find an interest that you can do.  Start small and work up from there.

Is it that you want to improve yourself?  Maybe you need a style that’s you?
Find the clothes and products to enhance.  Start personalizing yourself well.

Is it that you want some character?  Try honesty, trust, and reputation-
Find the traits, status, and morals in you. Develop these qualities to reach it.

Is it that you rely on others?  Try to volunteer for something-
Find the act of helping instead.  Start seeing yourself with strength.

Is it that you don’t understand?  Maybe you need advice from others-
Find someone to answer your question.  Start entries to your bank of knowledge.

Is it that you are in the wrong crowd?  Maybe you need different new friends-
Find people that are similar to you.  Start promoting yourself higher.

Is it that you are anxious or nervous?  Maybe you need more confidence
Find someone with encouragement to help.  Develop abilities within yourself.

Is it that you don’t feel well?  Try walking and being outdoors, too
Find the sun and atmosphere.  Develop healthy eating and lifestyle skills.

Is it that you feel so sad right now?  Try talking it out to someone
Find a support group or person.  Start seeing the sun thru others view.

Bring Back the Sunshine Soon!

Carol Kappes   2011
Inspired by feelings
That people have.

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