Friday, September 23, 2011

A Sip of Wine

I just took that sip
Of Italian red wine
From a beautiful glass.

My, how tasteful, it
Was on my palate today;
It quenched my thirst.

It gives me a joy after
A long days’ hard work,
Perfect for the evening.

Makes the day complete
When you share it with
The one you truly love!

Carol Kappes   9/2011
Inspired on vacation

Monday, September 19, 2011

What Makes Your Life Cloudy?

Is it that you aren’t busy enough?  Maybe you need to work on something?
Find an interest that you can do.  Start small and work up from there.

Is it that you want to improve yourself?  Maybe you need a style that’s you?
Find the clothes and products to enhance.  Start personalizing yourself well.

Is it that you want some character?  Try honesty, trust, and reputation-
Find the traits, status, and morals in you. Develop these qualities to reach it.

Is it that you rely on others?  Try to volunteer for something-
Find the act of helping instead.  Start seeing yourself with strength.

Is it that you don’t understand?  Maybe you need advice from others-
Find someone to answer your question.  Start entries to your bank of knowledge.

Is it that you are in the wrong crowd?  Maybe you need different new friends-
Find people that are similar to you.  Start promoting yourself higher.

Is it that you are anxious or nervous?  Maybe you need more confidence
Find someone with encouragement to help.  Develop abilities within yourself.

Is it that you don’t feel well?  Try walking and being outdoors, too
Find the sun and atmosphere.  Develop healthy eating and lifestyle skills.

Is it that you feel so sad right now?  Try talking it out to someone
Find a support group or person.  Start seeing the sun thru others view.

Bring Back the Sunshine Soon!

Carol Kappes   2011
Inspired by feelings
That people have.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are You Listening?

It gives you guidance
It gives you ideas
It gives you information
It gives you knowledge
It gives you perspective
It gives you motivation
It gives you opportunities
It gives you understanding
It gives you intelligence
It gives you encouragement
It gives you abilities
It gives you insights
It gives you strength
It gives you courage
It gives you improvement
It gives you productivity
It gives you confidence
It gives you interest
It gives you worth
It gives you wisdom
It gives you importance

Listen carefully!

Carol Kappes

Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Feedback Sent to Me --3

One word awesome....U r so beautiful i hve no words. 
I luv "A Love Bonded" beautiful words really deeply tuch my heart
U Loving darling... 
U hve sparkling eye... 
U hve sweet smile... 
Carol u knw tht ur vry sweet
Just visited your blog and really liked it.
thanks Carol, you are a real gem of a person :)
I visited your blog, I was really imprssed by it. After a long time could read some thing really good with a message, Keep going
You writings are very inspiring. Will visit off and on.
- Congrats on starting a blog. I've found that when you create the title of your blog post using the same techniques that magazines/newspapers use to create their headlines, more people tend to read it. I hope your blog proves to be a wonderful way for you to connect more deeply with the people you are trying to reach.
carol u always speak truth that's y i am ur big fan :)
Hi how r u Carol u know i am very thankful to you even i haven't words who describe your qualities you such a nice lady carol.....
you know i pray for you that you got every thing in your life which you desire.
Carol u know i am very happy that someone who is anonymous for me but instead of all this she want to do something for me and god give her reward for this.
Because if u do better for anyone then god must be do something special for yourself.
Carol i just want to say that =)
Thanx alot carol i havnt any words to describe ur wellness =)
and I am a Permanent Reader of your lovely blogs! :)
thanks for your concern. May God bless u.
You always Makes Me Smile. May God Bless You"
I read the blogs written by you and liked the most "Why do you play with my heart", you write really awesome. … you keep writing... loved it...
"I Loved it. Your blog"

Good to see your blog.

(As always, some may not have been copied or were similiar to the others)

Thank You So Much--This is Written for YOU!

Carol Kappes


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Does He Blame Me?

I’m living in the life of hate
He feels as though it’s my fault
He lives a self-centered life
When he’s married to a wife.

She feels so sad a lot of times
Thinking there will be a turn-around
A miracle to help things out
But this can’t seem to; no doubt.

It came to pass with this mess
Conflicts became strong with anger
No way can I continue on with this
I have to move away for some bliss.

Living with someone who craves
His drink of alcohol to get his high
Was never pleasant anymore so
He said it was time for me to go.

When He Should Blame Himself—

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspiration due to:
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Domestic violence
Marriage Dissolution

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Wire, wood
Restricts, holds, confines
Various sizes and shapes

Carol Kappes