Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why Do You Play With My Heart?

You glanced and stole my heart,
Then your words just filled me-
I became overwhelmed by them.

Feelings of love were enhanced
At each moment of your touch
As your kindness overflowed.

I hear and see you in my mind
When I awake with each morn-
My heart aches for your love.

Tell me why you tug at my heart?
I’m afraid to fall in love with you.
This could be just a lover’s game.

It’s filled with fun and excitement
That lasts for just a brief moment-
And it happens once in a lifetime.

Carol Kappes     2011
Inspired of all Suitors
In Dedication to VS


Carol Kappes said...

I wrote this verse because I have had the privilege to know so many loving guys; you can tell that their love comes from the heart! It seems very genuine and sincere.

Like a fairy tale ends happily or a whirlwind romance taken over with speed-only I could determine what "Suitor" would be lucky enough to win my love.

If we had "no borders" or "distance" or "nationality" this world would be a happier place; as it should be! God designed "many languages" so man would not be "more powerful than HIM."

We all have the same love and it begins with God. Because as they say, "God is Love."

Carol Kappes said...

Sometimes in life you fall for someone that you can't have. And it hurts to love that way.

Carol Kappes said...

Yes, love is exciting when it is new! Many times in the day you think of your loved one. Try to remember this moment through the years and try to keep that "flame of love" alive by giving attention to one another always. Learn about each other. My only hope is for happier marriages in the years ahead.

Thank you readers, for viewing my website. I want your happiness with you all the days of your life!


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
To this day I still have wonderful men who like to "play with my heart." And I am glad that you can "feel" it because I believe I carry God's love with me.

I just know this in the way my life has been played out and the life experiences that I have had.

Thank you for visiting my website:)

Carol Kappes said...

Once again, many have taken "a piece of my heart" with them. I wonder how large my heart really is?

Carol Kappes said...

Many of you will always remember the love that you felt; and chances are it will also stay with YOU.

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
There has been men in various languages to connect with me, and I had to use translation to understand the love language offered! This happened at least twice.

The voice that I apparently give to others for sure has an effect in their heart and mind. It is an emotional one that they will not forget.

Thanks for visiting my website!