Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Body Made Into Three Parts:

PHYSICAL-We must nourish our body with food, drink, and essential multi-vitamins. Eat many varieties of meals and drink in moderation.  Target on meats, grains, vegetables and fruit.  And don’t forget to treat yourself with a dessert!  Keep yourself physically fit and well.  Remember to move that body! It is designed to walk and run and stay in activities.  Sitting and sleeping is done too; we all need a little rest. We are to take great care of that body by no overuse of drugs and/or alcohol.  Use these items sparingly to stay healthy. Don’t deny yourself.  If others see you need help, listen to them.  They care and love you!

MENTAL- We must see things clearly with the capacity of our mind.  Look and listen; watch in interest of the world around you.  Don’t only look into yourself.  There are others all around so learn about feelings and emotions.  Learn about what’s good and bad, and seek to find your values. As you study and observe through personal growth, look into your strengths and interests; rather than what everyone is doing.  If one jumps over the cliff, will you follow? “No.” So remember to find your own talents.  This will carry you into your choice of college, career, and employment.

SPIRITUAL-We must know the reason we’re here. We were born for a life to live.  Take an interest in finding out why.  As children we wanted to explore-now we can again.  Read the WORD and learn an understanding of your faith.  Love one another as He has loved you. Love your neighbor as yourself. Keep that feeling of love in your heart!  Don’t push it away. If it is pushed away, how will you get it back?  It could take a long time through your journey. An on-going intimate relationship with Him through active meditation and prayers, will give you the peace and understanding to your life.

Use them all wisely-

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired of living a full life
In good health



I really appreciate this very interesting article.I liked it.Thanks Carol,for your sincere,true efforts.

Carol Kappes said...

Hi-Thank you for commenting. In this particular one; I feel it is a necessity to have all three to live in a balanced state. Otherwise we seem to be searching for something--when it actually is in YOU (Your heart, soul, and mind).