Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Feedback Sent to Me--2

 1.Very nice blog. Nice thought provoking posts. by day u r impressing me a lot.nice smile   just now i gone through your blog....its superb....

 3.hello dear carol i know that u r very cute and beautifull and u r words is very strong like you .how r u ?

 4.One reason to add you. You seem having open heart. Cheers and keep in touch

 5.Went through your blog . I also have commented on it . I liked it a lot . Perfect set of words put together to express what you feel . Good work . Keep going .

 6, This way I feel connected to you.      PS: you look pretty (oops sorry)

 7.u bring smiles to me

 8.reading it all ... you impress me are lady with beauty with brains... really feel you now with not only my mind and heart but feel as if my soul is close to yours...

10.I saw your blog. It's very healthy for all walks of life people. I really like this.

11.Its quite Good.---------12.Great blog!
13.It has a lot of precious poems and reflections

14.Gone through your blog right now and truely speaking I liked them; heart touching, sensible and written with a great thought....

15.You seem interested in storytelling

16.I really liked your blog, you have every day put new blogs?

17.“touched the divine n pure feeling of gud human i have ever meet............ B.E.A utifulll "

18.Amazing Carol,

Really no words I have to say about you, your writtings and your thoughts. The words you have abbriviated in your            "My
name is...." is truely justifying your character.

Simply saying you are God gifted and Gift of God for the society.....

Keep it up.

May god bless you. my sincere wishes to you for ever.
19. wt Quality u hve dear...

Again, not all comments have been copied due to my time/or not remembering to do so!

Thank you!  It's my pleasure-

Carol Kappes    2011

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