Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life is Full of Surprises-3 (Three Parts)

I like to surprise MY CHILDREN; like when I—
Brought out the face paint
Took them to the swimming pool
Had taken them for a fast food meal
Brought them to the mall
Took them to the fair
Threw a birthday party with balloons
Spent hours at an amusement park
Treated them with ice cream cone
Told them how special they are
Took them for a pony ride
And the list goes on and on……

Carol Kappes    2011


M. Saleem said...

Dear Carol !

You have shake my heart and mind. You have also touched my inner with passions and grief.

I have Sons and Daughters. I would like to surprise my CHILDREN and my list also goes on and on... ...

God will grant reward you on writing so nice...

With wet eyes for my CHILDREN:


Carol Kappes said...

As I was writing these pieces, I tried to minimize anything that was costly. In looking at life itself we should value our family rather than material things. The kind acts with love are always remembered more-