Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life is Full of Surprises-2 (Three Parts)

I like to surprise MY LADY; like when I
Purchased tickets to see a movie
Planned a romantic vacation
Placed a thank you note in the kitchen
Worked out, built muscles, lost weight
Cooked supper on the grill
Had enjoyed a date we’d never forget!
Sent her flowers at her work
Watched the sun set, followed by romance
Text her to say “I LOVE YOU”
Went for a long cruise in the car!
 And the list goes on and on……

Carol Kappes    2011

1 comment:

M. Saleem said...

(I am writing following being a MAN):

So simple saying as like flow of a rivulet,

So powerful saying as like a storm,

So universal saying as like my own heartily voice,

Dear Carol ! I really obtained a great spirit to say something to "MY LADY"...

I would like to say:

"Right carol calls for no coloring."