Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is Pain?

Is a natural event when birth arrives
When you touch something hot
Is the dysfunction of a family
Is experienced when love has ended
Is acted upon by natural disasters
Any unrest, wrong-doing, injustice
It happens when hunger strikes
It occurs due to mental anguish
Is caused by careless decisions
When feelings/emotions are shattered
The loss of one’s employment
When the human spirit is lost
It occurs against someone’s will
Any betrayal, false claims, terrorists
Happens in illness, disease, and accidents
Anything caused by fire or explosions
Taking away a person or thing
Is a profound grief when someone dies

We Have to Endure It-

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired by Friend


M. Saleem said...

Carol !

You Are A Fine Writer. I Salute You.

Your "What Is Pain ?" Made Me Down-Hearted.

There Are Many More Pain(s). Please Write On Them And Make Me More Cast Down. Because This High-Priced Frozenness Is Asset Of My Life.

Carol Kappes said...

Thank you for your comment of my writing, and how it touches one's feelings.

As an author, I knew there were countless number of hurt and pain in people's lives, so I condensed it in the lines of "when feelings/emotions are shattered","it occurs against someone's will" and "it occurs due to mental anguish." I wanted to lesson their pain in life! As well as in mine.