Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Notes to You

 1.  Please be there for me--as I will for you.

 2.  Stay happy for me and you.

 3.  Take some of my sunshine; and brighten
       your day with it.

 4. Do something with me today.

 5. We're on this road together.  

 6. You bring excitement to my life.

 7. Your love flows deep within my heart.

 8. Stay with me tonight.

 9. You give me lots of pleasure.

10. I'll always remember this day.

11.Keep your thoughts beside me.

12. Send me your love soon; I'm missing you.
13. I need you to hold me.

14. Your caress entices me.

15. In your heart, you know  that I will always
      love you, want you, and need you for comfort.

16. We're oceans apart, e-mail me.

17. Nothing in this world will tear us apart.

18. Please take care of me.

19. Your lips are so inviting.

20. Your love is important to me.

21. Text me when you get the chance.

22. You will always be in my mind.

23. You are very special to me.

24. Your kiss fulfills my desires.

25. Your eyes show true love.

26. You take my breath away.

27. Fate has brought us together.

28. I want to love you tonight.        

                  Carol Kappes  2011       



M. Saleem said...

Dear Carol,

I can write only with wet eyes:


Carol Kappes said...

I'm really happy that my words touch people's lives. This piece of work, the words flowed quickly in my mind, and I made it for 28 days of February!