Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s a New Beginning For:

A Birth.............The process of bringing forth an offspring or any beginning of an existence.
An Era…………A beginning of time marked by an event or a  notation of a given date during a distinctive period.
A Choice………An opportunity to choose and make a careful selection that is preferred. Ones’ destiny begins to emerge.
A Generation……A group in ten year increments that are near same age, have similar ideas, problems and attitudes in the nation.
A Global Society…A worldwide, universal celestial globe where the operating of information is using computer commands in single steps. Involving understanding of cultures, personalities, and relations of humankind.
A Lifetime………A duration in the life committing to work, finding purpose/meaning for existence, and obtaining knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

A Death.............A moment in time when it's an ending of an existence.  The burial takes place in silence.

It’s the World Continuously Moving!

Carol Kappes 2011   Inspired by Co-networker
In Dedication to VE


Fe of On Affairs said...

From beginning to end and all the events in between... These are the rituals of our lives. They shape each hour, day and year.

Carol Kappes said...

Fe--That is so true! You have expressed this verse well! Thanks.

Carol Kappes said...

I noticed that when I placed a picture for the verse titled "Gossip, Opinion or Knowledge" I then reread my verse titled "It's a New Beginning For:" and it had three words, but not in the identical order to this picture chart.

The picture chart had understanding, knowledge and wisdom; but in my verse I had them in different order.

Great minds think alike; or so that they say. Most often after I write I will then look for a picture to go with the verse for some visual aid.

Thanks for reading,

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
Each generation will often have "protests" on the problems and attitudes that they see differently. They also want to make ideas that they have come to observe as they have been growing up.

This is why the world as a whole does not progress as healthcare, production, technology, education, fashion, etc, does and moves forward. What happens is that sometimes things get "stalled" because of the differing mindsets that occurs in generations.

Wishing you all the best,