Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Name is:

C    creative
A   artistic
R   romantic
O   optimistic
L   likeable

K  A P P E S

Carol Kappes

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt Uprising!

Liberty, rights
 Exclaiming, rejoicing, smiling
Proud people making choices

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired by Actual Events in Nation

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s a New Beginning For:

A Birth.............The process of bringing forth an offspring or any beginning of an existence.
An Era…………A beginning of time marked by an event or a  notation of a given date during a distinctive period.
A Choice………An opportunity to choose and make a careful selection that is preferred. Ones’ destiny begins to emerge.
A Generation……A group in ten year increments that are near same age, have similar ideas, problems and attitudes in the nation.
A Global Society…A worldwide, universal celestial globe where the operating of information is using computer commands in single steps. Involving understanding of cultures, personalities, and relations of humankind.
A Lifetime………A duration in the life committing to work, finding purpose/meaning for existence, and obtaining knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

A Death.............A moment in time when it's an ending of an existence.  The burial takes place in silence.

It’s the World Continuously Moving!

Carol Kappes 2011   Inspired by Co-networker
In Dedication to VE

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Greeting

Thoughts of love and happy smiles
From all of us across the miles.

We may be far apart in distance
But our hearts, in an instant-

Flutter you a Valentine's day greeting
Of memories that are worth keeping!

With love,

Carol Kappes

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Your Love

Oh Honey, You are so sweet to me,
It's just the way
        I want it to be!

Your happy face and loving touch,
Makes me want you
         so very much.

Continue this always year after year,
And you'll see that
         I'll always be near!

Carol Kappes
Published in Hearts on Fire:
A Treasury of Poems on Love, Vol. IV
The American Poetry Association-1987


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Notes to You

 1.  Please be there for me--as I will for you.

 2.  Stay happy for me and you.

 3.  Take some of my sunshine; and brighten
       your day with it.

 4. Do something with me today.

 5. We're on this road together.  

 6. You bring excitement to my life.

 7. Your love flows deep within my heart.

 8. Stay with me tonight.

 9. You give me lots of pleasure.

10. I'll always remember this day.

11.Keep your thoughts beside me.

12. Send me your love soon; I'm missing you.
13. I need you to hold me.

14. Your caress entices me.

15. In your heart, you know  that I will always
      love you, want you, and need you for comfort.

16. We're oceans apart, e-mail me.

17. Nothing in this world will tear us apart.

18. Please take care of me.

19. Your lips are so inviting.

20. Your love is important to me.

21. Text me when you get the chance.

22. You will always be in my mind.

23. You are very special to me.

24. Your kiss fulfills my desires.

25. Your eyes show true love.

26. You take my breath away.

27. Fate has brought us together.

28. I want to love you tonight.        

                  Carol Kappes  2011