Saturday, January 22, 2011

We all have a VOICE!

Arguing, demonstrative, gossiping, criticizing, name-calling, swearing, complaining, bullying, blaming, bragging, shouting, attacking, insulting, screaming, groaning, opinionated, constructive, moanful, boisterous, scolding, crying,

Mourning, grief, sorrowful, preaching, advising, speaking, consulting, describing, directing, discussing, communicating, praising, singing, explaining, coaching, talking, mentoring, teaching, cheering, chatting,

Sympathy, praying, rejoicing, proclaiming, loving, accepting, approving, grateful, thoughtful, complimentary, joyous, greeting, humorous, laughter, jubilant, whistling, humming, hushing, whispering, signing, breathing.

Be careful how you use it!

Carol Kappes 2011
In Collaboration

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