~You fall in love with the feeling of LOVE - CK

~I see and view the WORLD in God's eyes - CK

~Wisdom comes from ABOVE - CK

~Each step up, takes you to a higher purpose; each step down is when you falter - CK

~Divine aspirations evolve from the spiritual world - CK

~Remember the LOVE we shared this morning on your way to work - CK

~If only you would understand His lasting PEACE and eternal LOVE - CK

~My life seems to be collapsing at the moment; need to find some reinforcement for the time being! -CK

~Your HAPPINESS lies within yourself; in your own heart and mind - CK

~It makes me happy knowing that I make others happy! - CK

~I often put my fate in God's hands - CK

~Sometimes in life you wonder why you even go on. The hurt and pain is too real - CK

~A woman's work is never done; a man works from dawn to dusk - CK

~If you want to start a new beginning; please update yourself first - CK

~How you treat me is how you get treated back; usually this is how it works. - CK

~At your funeral; they always recall the "greatness" that you were; not how "smart" you were - CK

~Souls really exist beyond our physical bodies - CK

~I don't believe in failures; you pick yourself up and move again - CK

~The depth of God's love is deeper that any man could give me - CK

~If you don't have substance; everything else will fail -  CK

~We can help fix your teeth, cure your ailments, but it's your responsibility to take care of yourself.  You see in life; it all comes down to YOU - CK

~If I were to "change" this world today; I would "redesign" it like owners do to their home.  It needs alot of freshening up - CK

~How beautiful it is today. And you make it beautiful! - CK

~Great leaders in the future are working on their skills today - CK

~When you have mutual love; it's the best feeling in the world - CK

~If we have LOVE; PEACE will surely follow - CK

~PEACE is something that we all must work towards - CK

~I just have to "play" with the hand I'm dealt with - CK

~PEACE starts with the end of CONFLICT. - CK

~Human behavior is definitely one factor of most of the world's problems - CK

~When you understand God's love; no other love can compare to it - CK

~Hold onto the VALUE of the one you love - CK

~A disciplined mind is a strong mind - CK

~When we feel hurt; the pain has to stop sometime - CK

~I could not have lived my life without FAITH - CK

~When someone misses you; it's because you've already given them your heart - CK

~The kindness of others is what gives you the most strength in adversity - CK

~I have yet to live my own life; it seems as if it's been directed by someone else! - CK

~Many times you can't take "things" with you; but keep your soul! - CK

~It was when you failed to listen and care; did I take notice of the difficulties ahead - CK

~The decision to move on gives you the courage to do so - CK

~It's about "letting go" of your past bad experiences; and moving on to something better. - CK

~Opportunity "knocks" to those who hear the "sound." - CK

~I find so many people "lost" that they don't know where to "begin." - CK

~I did my best to make it work; sometimes it just doesn't. - CK

~Take your negative thoughts and place them in the garbage.  They're no good anyway - CK

~I have no idea how important I really am to you? - CK

~Every single one of us has faults; none of us were made perfectly - CK

~Your sweetness stays with me in the chocolates you've given me - CK

~People are so BLIND; that they don't even open up to FAITH or BELIEF  - CK

~God's love is so strong; nothing will ever break the strength of the bond - CK

~When you "shine" your best; I also shine - CK

~Maslow's theory is no longer a "theory" but a FACT - CK

~Many of you are catching onto my love; and it makes you feel like a winner! - CK

~We can "bloom" under the worst conditions - CK

~Always remember to pose yourself well to others - CK


~It's no wonder I feel depressed; reliving the past in my mind. - CK

~If only people were as beautiful as nature; showing signs of serenity, tranquility, calmness, brightness, beauty, warmth, etc. - CK

~The power of yourself...lies with YOU - CK

~Never let failure set you back; no matter how much it hurts - CK

~This still holds true; till death do us part; even if you had a divorce! - CK

~I may not be surrounded by wealth; but my wisdom and health are my true worth - CK

~Man has broken promises; but God does not. -CK

~When you have lived a hard life; sometimes the tears flow so easily -CK

~I live like the roller coaster; some days are a joy, and others are on the down slide! -CK

~If people would live according to God's plans; they would be so much happier and fulfilled. -CK

~Inner peace is very genuine and real; and the source of it comes from God. -CK

~I'm worth more then anything I own! -CK

~Loving someone is no guarantee that they will love you the same way -CK

~The power of a woman lies in her strength and courage -CK

~I realize now that you have to keep challenging yourself to be really successful! -CK

~Maybe you have to go through "hell" on earth to understand "heaven." -CK

~When God isn't in the hearts and minds of people; take note, Satan is there -CK

~Life is so difficult; that's why we all need God's strength; to hold on! -CK

~God had more control and circumstances of my life then I've had! -CK

~When you believe you are at your worst difficulty; believe and trust in God -CK

~It's how you perceive or interpret your world around you. -CK

~Never allow your life to drown, but to surface and move higher. -CK

~We don't get something; unless we go after it -CK

~A "stoned" person has little or no feelings -CK

~When life's burdens places you in the dark, you sure want to get back into the light; even if you have to crawl to get there -CK

~To step up the game; you always have to think ahead -CK

~When"happiness" surrounds you; you can't help but to feel the "glow." -CK

~Don't cloud your mind with evil thoughts; it's hard to get through the storm then. -CK

~Your heart and mind will determine your fate -CK

~For I was a stranger and you found comfort in me. -CK

~People are missing a KEY ingredient in their lives; God's LOVE -CK

~We all carry some demons within us; because Satan exists. But Christ's love in us, is powerful to overtake temptations -CK

~The sincerity of a person, lies in their inner core -CK

~Weakness often causes trouble; trouble to yourself and also trouble to others.-CK

~Words of wisdom are seldom unnoticed. We get support from somewhere.-CK

~YOU falter when you are weak. -CK

~People in the world are so contradictory; when life is so SIMPLE -CK


~Find strength within yourselves and master your mind.-CK

~Either I'm troubled, so I write or the world is troubled. -CK

~Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for the best things to come in the New Year -CK

~Let nature help visualize your dreams and goals. -CK

~A celestial imagination. -CK

~We must learn to live together as nations or we will perish together as inhuman. -CK (We have been importing and exporting for years)

~YOU have to believe in your own strength and power of the mind. -CK

~You, yourself, can become a versatile person. -CK

~Some things can knock you down; but like a fighter, you get back up again. -CK

~May love always guide your way. -CK

~Be the master of your mind. -CK

~I know that there is an energy field of thoughts that come from the higher world, and the ears can hear it. -CK

~It's all in the framework of your mind -CK

~And sometimes life's challenges will transform you -CK

~I took my lessons from Christ! It costs $0.00. In another words, PRICELESS -CK

~When there is that "spark" of love for someone; nothing seems to get in the way of it -CK

~I don't always feel happy; but I often pretend to be! It's how I get through life. -CK

~I try so hard to melt a man's heart; but sometimes it appears to be made of stone. -CK

~There's a better road in sight! -CK

~They always say "that the storm will pass." -CK

~Sometimes those "answers" come as you journey through life. -CK

~I was taught to be responsible...so then you just can't blame others. -CK

~Sometimes I feel that I've been stepped on; and I wasn't the cause of their problems -CK

~The Word of God teaches morals and behaviors; which are badly needed in this world today -CK

~Could it be that you want something so bad; when you don't have it? -CK

~ I can overcome things in my way -CK

~You change your future; each time there is a loss. -CK

~Lighten up yourself; why make your life dark? -CK

~As children are sweet and innocent; adults should be honest and trustworthy -CK

~I believe in strength of a person...they keep going. -CK

~Sins taken away from your soul; will give you peace and love. -CK

~When you understand faith; you know it is a gift received. Wisdom of God. -CK

~Few people understand what God's will is for their life. -CK

~You must love in such a way that the person...feels the love that you have. -CK

~Simply put: We all should be the best we can be. -CK

~Life is a journey, you will run into the potholes as well as the smooth roads! -CK

~An intelligent mind will know what it is doing; where others aren't able to see. -CK

~The more we understand; the happier we feel -CK

~Your true self can become "smothered" when people use you -CK

~Then the Spirit of God gives life meaning. -CK

~Your encouragement enlightens my soul. -CK

~God's words are always the same; and yes, the truth does change you once you have known God's love.

~I look for men to love; and in return they love me back. -CK

~I found out that my heart often loves another person's heart; but the minds don't  connect. -CK

~People may read my words; but they feel as if they are with me. -CK

~I'm not what you think I am...I make myself who I am. -CK

~If you seek Christ hard enough; you will find that we are indeed an image to His likeness. -CK

~God has the final say and the last word; not man. -CK

~"I wish" or "I should have" do not exist in life. It gets you nowhere. -CK


~Where there is hatred; there is no love. -CK

~Life is not meant to be easy...lots of rough spots along the road. -CK

~Leaders hear their followers voices and concerns. -CK

~You can crumble under the heavy weight of the circumstance that had to be faced; but just as the power to overcome it, you will rise from the ashes. So does the plant life after a forest fire...it renews itself. -CK

~YOU can't control a tornado; just saying...but you must do the clean up...so clean up your act. -CK

~Learn to Listen; and then Listen to Learn. -CK

~"What you do for others" is part of our job here on earth. -CK

~Strong LEADERSHIP develops followers and those followers become strong LEADERS. -CK

~ Often you see beauty with the eyes; but the heart and mind has to really "feel" it. -CK

~That is right; one step at a time, keep climbing, till you reach the top. -CK

~Often times we need to "cut off" from things that depress or stagnate you. -CK

~We are to live with God in our hearts and minds; for at the end of our life...are/were we ready to meet Him?

~Even when I thought I was going to die; I wanted to live. -CK

~No two women or no two men are the same; different talents, intellect, and personality. -CK

~They say that great minds think alike...so do people of faith think alike. -CK

~A match will only stay lighted if you can hold it long enough, -CK

~Learn to listen; and listen to learn. -CK

~Yes, just look at the beauty and relish it to your heart's content. -CK

~Love often has to be built; to stay strong, stable, and beautiful. -CK

~Just been handled roughly around the edges! -CK

~And priorities differ so much from a person...this is why understanding and reasoning is crucial.

~When God calls, you better listen. -CK

~I did the best I can under the circumstances I dealt with. -CK

~God has always loved us; in return we are to love God. -CK

~When we have to change our life; you better have a clear upfront view. -CK

~We should always better ourselves in growth, love, and knowledge. -CK

~There are always enemies among us. -CK

~One has to work for happiness; but it essentially is inside yourself. -CK

~Our expiration date is the time of our death. -CK


~We learn by written words and the gift of love.-CK

~A great book...sells itself. -CK

~If you stay curious all your life, you have used your mind well. -CK

~A beautiful conversation of people who care for each other; is truly a breath of fresh air. -CK

~Emotional hurt runs deep; deeper than the ocean. -CK

~No one reaches instant success...they must work for it. -CK

~Never "feed off" from bad experiences, it only causes lots of discouragement. Move on the best you can. -CK

~We are here for God and others. -CK

~Yes, Dear...certainly shows signs of respect and care. -CK

~Each one of us needs vacation time; to relieve stress and and refresh ourselves, mind and spirit. -CK

~We are now living in a "fallen" world started by Adam and Eve. There is another life, for there were two trees God talked about in Genesis. Belief that there is a Hell for those whom are in damnation.-CK

~Always keep the head up...you can breathe easier and think better!-CK

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