Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Feedback Sent to Me --3

One word awesome....U r so beautiful i hve no words. 
I luv "A Love Bonded" beautiful words really deeply tuch my heart
U Loving darling... 
U hve sparkling eye... 
U hve sweet smile... 
Carol u knw tht ur vry sweet
Just visited your blog and really liked it.
thanks Carol, you are a real gem of a person :)
I visited your blog, I was really imprssed by it. After a long time could read some thing really good with a message, Keep going
You writings are very inspiring. Will visit off and on.
- Congrats on starting a blog. I've found that when you create the title of your blog post using the same techniques that magazines/newspapers use to create their headlines, more people tend to read it. I hope your blog proves to be a wonderful way for you to connect more deeply with the people you are trying to reach.
carol u always speak truth that's y i am ur big fan :)
Hi how r u Carol u know i am very thankful to you even i haven't words who describe your qualities you such a nice lady carol.....
you know i pray for you that you got every thing in your life which you desire.
Carol u know i am very happy that someone who is anonymous for me but instead of all this she want to do something for me and god give her reward for this.
Because if u do better for anyone then god must be do something special for yourself.
Carol i just want to say that =)
Thanx alot carol i havnt any words to describe ur wellness =)
and I am a Permanent Reader of your lovely blogs! :)
thanks for your concern. May God bless u.
You always Makes Me Smile. May God Bless You"
I read the blogs written by you and liked the most "Why do you play with my heart", you write really awesome. … you keep writing... loved it...
"I Loved it. Your blog"

Good to see your blog.

(As always, some may not have been copied or were similiar to the others)

Thank You So Much--This is Written for YOU!

Carol Kappes



Faadi said...

Carol it is very nice.Your blog is full of love and peace.Please carry on and do tell me if you ever need any information about the people of our region the real facts close to reality ...

Carol Kappes said...

We live in a world that was designed beautifully in the very beginning--and I know that the people living in it are the ones at fault. Believe me; I wish I could bring it back to when people had obedience, love, kindness, respect, gratitude etc.

I am working at getting these thoughts once again into the world--for it is greatly needed. The world keeps changing and I hope people change also for the better!