Sunday, June 11, 2017

Taking Many Months Off

I presently will be taking many months off
For myself and not taking the time to write.

I need to reflect where I stand, what I need
To do, and what/why I must change differently.

I wish for all my readers; happiness, love,
Peace, good health, prosperity, and inner joy.

I have a curious, stimulating mind that wants
To go somewhere, even I can’t get there yet!

I want you to enjoy reading my first book, it
Was released in 2016; written just for you!

I enjoy being your author/writer and was happy
That you had been a factor of that beginning.

Carol Kappes 2017
Inspired of taking a lengthy time off

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Admiring You

I could see your luscious
Lips hugging the glass
As you sipped the wine
Seductively from the glass…

Whilst you look into the
Eyes of your true love.

Carol Kappes         (Written Title)
Social Networker   (Written Verse)
Dedicated to TM
In collaboration