Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dear People of All Nations,

I would like to publicly announce that I became an Author to my first book titled, “To Hear Your Voice.”  It was a project I set out to do at the beginning of 2016 on behalf of the questions if I have a book. You had asked for this book; before I began writing the manuscript and then it became a masterpiece by my publisher, the Peppertree Press. We worked as a team, to get this book out to the people and out into the world. It was a privilege to work with all of your voices.

This book is on many book websites currently online as it has just been released on July 6, 2016. I see it in various places now. When you get to the book websites, search for it in my name.

It is written verse of the 21st century, the compilation of these verses in sequence of birth to death in all aspects of life, similar to Maslow’s theory. Thank you so much for reading!

Carol Kappes

Thursday, August 4, 2016

To Capture Light and Love

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In search of a better life, there comes a time when you will cling on to someone to help you find meaning, find hope, or find life.  I have been corresponding to an Iraq refugee that left his homeland to another country.  We had chatted during this transition of his life. It hurts my heart to reach out to him and how he feels…you know I have never read books on war nor even been in a war country!  So hearing their stories brings my heart to care and love them. And this is what we are suppose to be doing in this world…caring for each other and our neighbors.


“This work so far”

I had been asking him during this transition time how living was going and what he had did for work. He thought that I was going to meet him and live a life.

Next he showed me two of his drawings. 1. It was a black skull (face) and along side of this was a face with eyes, flesh and lips in much lighter colors. 2. It was an entire hand extended up and reaching up with blood flowing off of it and the background colors were of nature, like browns and green on the left side. Then in the forefront was a lake or ocean. At the top left was the creation of a circle that represented similar to the sun.

Is this your drawing? Tell me. How did you feel when you drew this? Sad, happy, confused, troubled?


Which one?

“The first is what I feel here and tired of the hard life.”

OK, Tell me about the 2nd one?

“Second one Salvation of the soul from the bitter reality and stick to the sun and light.”

What have you seen in Iraq?  Did you see people hurt?  Killed?

“I am ready for everything with you.”

He would like to be in my life, marry me, and have a life together. (I get proposals to marriage many times the last few years from men all over this world.)

Tell me what you have seen there?

He seemed to have not answered me here in what I wanted to know!  I wanted to get deeper into his emotional inner core. (I feel this is how a person can heal for themselves.)

“Here too, the same life.”

Why is it the same?

“I’m here more than a year and I get to stay and live freely life. Do not want the Iraqi here.”

I think he feels life with me would be splendid. He has been drawn to me.

You are hurting inside?

“Tired here.”

Are you learning English? Or translating it?

Again I did not get an answer that I wanted to hear!  He went on another subject.

“I did not eat the food for several days in order to buy the colors and brushes for drawing.”

OMG,  Is it because of Ramadan?



“Save money in order to buy colors and brushes.”

That is your passion
Do you feel Christ love through me?

“Yes, I love you.”

I never seen you happier. Like today


We did have a webcam on and I had observed that he looked so much happier after quite some time. In fact, there seemed to have this glow about him that it was quite noticeable. He did move around and showed me his drawings.

Do you still think of prophet Muhammad?  Tell me?

Prophet Muhammad was raised illiterate, unable to read or write, and remained so till his death. At the age of 40, his claims of an angel brought about the Islam Quran.

“I holiest Christ.”

Aww. You realize now Christ is love?


What does prophet Muhammad bring to you?

And once again, I did not get the answer that I needed/wanted to hear!

“I am very tired now of everything. I did not get all the wars and difficult to live life. I want to get rid of everything.”

Then at this moment he sent to me a symbol or image of a smilie that was banging head against the wall.

I’m sorry for your hard life…it’s in the past

“I want to live quietly with music and colors, brushes and paintings.”

I know God is with you…and I see Christ love in your eyes.


Keep doing what makes you happy. Love always.

“I live here now, life is very difficult.”

I can only imagine that living in a foreign country with another language other than the one that he has known, would be difficult!

Good night…and have a nice day.

It had been morning over there and I had my night time to go to sleep. I had seen the brightness of the morning sun as he stood near the window. He didn’t want to leave yet and continued chatting! He then asked about my book cover; and I told him it is set for the printer and it’s made for the entire world.

“I want to play this for me. And help me publish what they painted, I hope.”

I got 2 of your paintings now (then he also sent me another with trees standing and reflected by the water.)

“You are able to connect my work to one of the United Nations offices and they know the size of the suffering of Refugees here.”

In another words; he is asking all of us to know what has been happening…and we really should be doing something about this. We are shattering people’s lives.

We are living in Exodus times. The Bible is repeating history.

“Yes, I know.”

People are becoming immoral; and away from God.

“Ask you to help me. I am spiritual, settle with you.”

Oh my goodness.

“We collected the holiness of Christ and love of life.”

Wow; and you feel this all the time. I must go…it’s late

“I swear to you. That’s what you inside me.”

Yes, I have given it to you.

“From the beginning.”

It’s God’s love. I carry it.

“Yes, you are my angel. I know now.”

EXACTLY.  Yes, you do understand.

Then he sent me a symbol of praying hands

I can feel that in you tonight

“I understand.”
“You are my angel, sent to me by the Lord to take care of my soul.  Ask you to help me.”

Time will tell; I have helped you in many ways already.

“When? I live here in poverty and loss.”

I must stop chatting; almost time for my sleep.

“You are in America, you can do a lot for me… This country does not appreciate the art work here.”

He went on further to say that he would like to be in my life.  You know, this has to be hard for me----

“You completed me my spirit. You are an angel transparent and fluffy.”

With all of this said and done; I feel that I am living the life as Christ did.

Carol Kappes 2016
Dedicated to N.
Inspired of God’s Love for mankind

Monday, August 1, 2016

I Lost It!

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“I lost my phone yesterday.”

Why you lost it?

“I misplaced it…don’t know how…was careless”

Stop doing that careless stuff...get your head together…you’re younger than I am too.

“Wasn’t intentional.”

Lol. Too much stuff in that head of yours?   I have to multi-function on high alert.  This was way too funny!  Don’t get Alzheimer’s.

“Lol; health very important.”

I know it is. I’ve been trying to survive many times!

Carol Kappes 2016
Dedicated to AB
Inspired to remember where you place things,
Often use the same locations each time.