Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2017

Wishing all of my readers happiness, peace, love, joy, prosperity, hope, and success in the future years ahead.

We all live and breathe the air that surrounds us, and we all desire to fulfill our purpose as we live each day.

I look forward to the days ahead...knowing that we will strengthen our country and the entire global world.

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Blue Christmas?

I’ll have a blue Christmas—

When I am missing you
When I see others’ more happy
When I’m feeling hurt/depressed
When I hear the song, ‘Blue Christmas’
When I notice part of the family isn’t here
When I see shining blue lights
When I can’t stop thinking about you
When I have an illness to contend with
When I see blue decorations on a white tree
When I feel like I’m spending the holiday alone
When I see blue wrapped presents and ribbons
When I see a couple kissing under the mistletoe

Remember; we are celebrating the birth of Christ.
He is always near…receive His love and peace!

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired by how some people feel
On Christmas Day…Christ is born.
It’s not about you, but about Him

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Positive role to his best friend.
Informs the girl of a guy and
Tells her, “Someone asked of you.”

He introduces her to him.
She has an interesting feeling;
They soon became acquainted.

Again, the wingman had a role.
“How are things going for you?”
She talked to him once again.

Proper steps moved forward and
It turns out it went perfectly.
A chance for a dream made.

Carol Kappes   2015
Dedicated to MCA
Inspired of introducing a date

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thank You for Your Business

To the hair salon/barber; for a great cut and hairstyle
To the postal carrier; for the mail and package
To the clinic/hospital; for the care and healing
To the mechanic; for the maintenance and repair
To the retailer; for produce and products
To the station; for the gasoline and snacks
To the clergy; for the prayers and guidance
To the trainer; for the health and strength
To the teacher; for the training and mentoring
To the agent/advisor; for insurance and financial
To the author; for the read and inspiration
To the singer; for the song and music

And there are so many in addition to this list.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired to give thanks to others.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


“I feel empty inside.”

Yes; without my pouring love.

Carol Kappes 2016   (Written Title and unquote)
Social Networker      (Written in quotes)
Dedicated to DM
In collaboration
Inspired of emptiness;
And also God’s love

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happiness, When Shared


These moments are to ask for
These moments are to wait for
These moments are to look for
These moments are to live for
These moments are to care for
These moments are to die for

And it brings out the best in us!

Carol Kappes 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Are You Ready For Change?

Are you ready for the autumn?
Seasons change and renews;
We had it over a year ago.

What makes it any different?
Bring out the colors of you;
You need a brand new self.

Are you willing to make a change?
Seasons do all of the time;
Climate doesn’t stay the same.

What makes you really special?
Bring out your inner thoughts;
You will find the glory you need.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired to be happier
And to be yourself.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Be Polite

In your manners
In your behavior
In your cooperation
In your words
In your actions

As it helps everyone; even yourself!

Carol Kappes 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back to School

We are here to learn knowledge
We are here to learn many subjects
We are here to learn how to organize
We are here to learn people skills
We are here to learn our language
We are here to learn life skills
We are here to learn growth and maturity
We are here to learn about careers
We are here to learn about society
We are here to learn about progress
We are here to learn about our country
We are here to learn about the world
We are here to learn about the environment

And so much more!

Carol Kappes 2011
Inspired of students

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dear People of All Nations,

I would like to publicly announce that I became an Author to my first book titled, “To Hear Your Voice.”  It was a project I set out to do at the beginning of 2016 on behalf of the questions if I have a book. You had asked for this book; before I began writing the manuscript and then it became a masterpiece by my publisher, the Peppertree Press. We worked as a team, to get this book out to the people and out into the world. It was a privilege to work with all of your voices.

This book is on many book websites currently online as it has just been released on July 6, 2016. I see it in various places now. When you get to the book websites, search for it in my name.

It is written verse of the 21st century, the compilation of these verses in sequence of birth to death in all aspects of life, similar to Maslow’s theory. Thank you so much for reading!

Carol Kappes

Thursday, August 4, 2016

To Capture Light and Love

Social Networker in Quotes                   Carol Kappes Unquote            With Editing

In search of a better life, there comes a time when you will cling on to someone to help you find meaning, find hope, or find life.  I have been corresponding to an Iraq refugee that left his homeland to another country.  We had chatted during this transition of his life. It hurts my heart to reach out to him and how he feels…you know I have never read books on war nor even been in a war country!  So hearing their stories brings my heart to care and love them. And this is what we are suppose to be doing in this world…caring for each other and our neighbors.


“This work so far”

I had been asking him during this transition time how living was going and what he had did for work. He thought that I was going to meet him and live a life.

Next he showed me two of his drawings. 1. It was a black skull (face) and along side of this was a face with eyes, flesh and lips in much lighter colors. 2. It was an entire hand extended up and reaching up with blood flowing off of it and the background colors were of nature, like browns and green on the left side. Then in the forefront was a lake or ocean. At the top left was the creation of a circle that represented similar to the sun.

Is this your drawing? Tell me. How did you feel when you drew this? Sad, happy, confused, troubled?


Which one?

“The first is what I feel here and tired of the hard life.”

OK, Tell me about the 2nd one?

“Second one Salvation of the soul from the bitter reality and stick to the sun and light.”

What have you seen in Iraq?  Did you see people hurt?  Killed?

“I am ready for everything with you.”

He would like to be in my life, marry me, and have a life together. (I get proposals to marriage many times the last few years from men all over this world.)

Tell me what you have seen there?

He seemed to have not answered me here in what I wanted to know!  I wanted to get deeper into his emotional inner core. (I feel this is how a person can heal for themselves.)

“Here too, the same life.”

Why is it the same?

“I’m here more than a year and I get to stay and live freely life. Do not want the Iraqi here.”

I think he feels life with me would be splendid. He has been drawn to me.

You are hurting inside?

“Tired here.”

Are you learning English? Or translating it?

Again I did not get an answer that I wanted to hear!  He went on another subject.

“I did not eat the food for several days in order to buy the colors and brushes for drawing.”

OMG,  Is it because of Ramadan?



“Save money in order to buy colors and brushes.”

That is your passion
Do you feel Christ love through me?

“Yes, I love you.”

I never seen you happier. Like today


We did have a webcam on and I had observed that he looked so much happier after quite some time. In fact, there seemed to have this glow about him that it was quite noticeable. He did move around and showed me his drawings.

Do you still think of prophet Muhammad?  Tell me?

Prophet Muhammad was raised illiterate, unable to read or write, and remained so till his death. At the age of 40, his claims of an angel brought about the Islam Quran.

“I holiest Christ.”

Aww. You realize now Christ is love?


What does prophet Muhammad bring to you?

And once again, I did not get the answer that I needed/wanted to hear!

“I am very tired now of everything. I did not get all the wars and difficult to live life. I want to get rid of everything.”

Then at this moment he sent to me a symbol or image of a smilie that was banging head against the wall.

I’m sorry for your hard life…it’s in the past

“I want to live quietly with music and colors, brushes and paintings.”

I know God is with you…and I see Christ love in your eyes.


Keep doing what makes you happy. Love always.

“I live here now, life is very difficult.”

I can only imagine that living in a foreign country with another language other than the one that he has known, would be difficult!

Good night…and have a nice day.

It had been morning over there and I had my night time to go to sleep. I had seen the brightness of the morning sun as he stood near the window. He didn’t want to leave yet and continued chatting! He then asked about my book cover; and I told him it is set for the printer and it’s made for the entire world.

“I want to play this for me. And help me publish what they painted, I hope.”

I got 2 of your paintings now (then he also sent me another with trees standing and reflected by the water.)

“You are able to connect my work to one of the United Nations offices and they know the size of the suffering of Refugees here.”

In another words; he is asking all of us to know what has been happening…and we really should be doing something about this. We are shattering people’s lives.

We are living in Exodus times. The Bible is repeating history.

“Yes, I know.”

People are becoming immoral; and away from God.

“Ask you to help me. I am spiritual, settle with you.”

Oh my goodness.

“We collected the holiness of Christ and love of life.”

Wow; and you feel this all the time. I must go…it’s late

“I swear to you. That’s what you inside me.”

Yes, I have given it to you.

“From the beginning.”

It’s God’s love. I carry it.

“Yes, you are my angel. I know now.”

EXACTLY.  Yes, you do understand.

Then he sent me a symbol of praying hands

I can feel that in you tonight

“I understand.”
“You are my angel, sent to me by the Lord to take care of my soul.  Ask you to help me.”

Time will tell; I have helped you in many ways already.

“When? I live here in poverty and loss.”

I must stop chatting; almost time for my sleep.

“You are in America, you can do a lot for me… This country does not appreciate the art work here.”

He went on further to say that he would like to be in my life.  You know, this has to be hard for me----

“You completed me my spirit. You are an angel transparent and fluffy.”

With all of this said and done; I feel that I am living the life as Christ did.

Carol Kappes 2016
Dedicated to N.
Inspired of God’s Love for mankind

Monday, August 1, 2016

I Lost It!

Social Networker in quotes      Carol Kappes unquote


“I lost my phone yesterday.”

Why you lost it?

“I misplaced it…don’t know how…was careless”

Stop doing that careless stuff...get your head together…you’re younger than I am too.

“Wasn’t intentional.”

Lol. Too much stuff in that head of yours?   I have to multi-function on high alert.  This was way too funny!  Don’t get Alzheimer’s.

“Lol; health very important.”

I know it is. I’ve been trying to survive many times!

Carol Kappes 2016
Dedicated to AB
Inspired to remember where you place things,
Often use the same locations each time.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Kiss is…


And it’s making me so hot!

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired of love 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Love Like the Skyscraper

Think of a tall skyscraper;
Layer by layer it’s being
Built from the foundation up.

It’s standing tall and proud,
Beautifully decorated inside.

The strength of this design
Brings an awesome wonder
Amidst the vast blue sky.

Its ultimate elegance is
Magnificent to the beholder.

Carol Kappes   2014
Inspired from comments
On social networking 

Friday, July 1, 2016

I Can’t Sleep

I can’t fall asleep tonight,
I don’t know what to do.
I hold my pillow, but I
Want to be holding you.
Thinking about you at
The moment, baby.

I wish that you were here
Or that I were there, or that
We were together anywhere.

Don’t measure the distance;
Measure my love!

Carol Kappes 2016   (Written Title)
Social Networker      (Written Verse)
In Collaboration
Dedicated to AB

Friday, June 24, 2016

Live for God

Each day you need to live for God
For He makes all things happen.

When you do this, He anoints you
In the direction you need to follow.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired to follow
In God’s direction

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Think of Me

A simple walk
Inside the park,
A beach stroll
To slow the role.
Some quiet time
To ease the mind;
Tis more precious
Than gold.

A silent talk
Within the heart
Says the soul
Has full control,
Of yours and mine
By natural design;
Life’s more precious
Than gold.

Think of me
In the sun you see-
Think of me
In the air you breathe-
Think of me
In the morning dew-
Think of me
As I think of you!

Carol Kappes  2016      (Written Title)
Social Networker          (Written Verse)
In Collaboration
Dedicated to CD

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Vacation Time

Summer soon to be here-
It’s already half of the year.

Let me now, have a break;
It’s vacation time I need to take.

Carol Kappes 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Water Is Luxury

Did you ever notice?

After an exhausting day
And you drink some water

That the water is…


And when you take a bath it’s


And when you clean dishes/laundry it


I see this as luxury!

Carol Kappes   2014
Inspired of water and care
Of this natural resource

Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm a Little Upset

Dear Readers:

I was suppose to place a verse titled "Water is Luxury" and the file was not  found.  So I lost it! As an inspired writer that I am; my mind will never get it back.  And it was such a good one.

The flow of my words come quickly when I have these thoughts to write.

I'm a little bit upset, because water is important for us to live.

{PS I just found it located in a file after doing a search of my PC. It was written in a different year, two years ago. I'll post it soon.}

You know in life, it's a process of learning new things all the time...and when I need to act on finding this file...I have to learn to troubleshoot/problem solve or it eventually comes to my mind what I need to do next.

Carol Kappes 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring’s Design

Splish-splash was the
Sound of my walk,
As the pouring rain
Was coming down.

Spring, that time of year
Cleans up the ground,
Making it fresh for the
Season’s planting again.

Here comes the shining
Sun and blowing winds,
Creating warmth and also
Drying the fertile soil.

New growth begins again
From the farmers’ labor,
And the seeds will sprout
Fruit and vegetable crops.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired of Farmers

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just a Matter of Time

Publisher in quotes     Carol Kappes unquote

“Carol…If you could please send your “about the book blurb” for the back of the book. It can be a poem or you can tell about your book in 3 to 5 sentences. The blurb is what will go on Amazon and the back of your book indicating to the reader what your book is about.”

“Have a great day and thank you.”

Hi; Yes, I found this to be a tough one of all parts of the book. Please let me know if it sounds OK?

(I had written 2 samples for my publisher)

You know books a lot better than I do…I am just learning the ropes of it all.

“Love this one…but it is up to you”

(And my publisher copied the one sample for me to read)

Thanks; I am glad that I made 2 ideas; and you may have read many of my verse. You are more into the book business side…I trust your judgement towards a best seller…because we want people living better lives. Yes, after rereading them this morning…and hearing your call…go ahead and use this one. It does sound better…as the reason of the book…and why it was written.

(Keep in mind that I did not see the book cover design yet; until the “book blurb” had been written by me and printed on the back cover…after it was all completed by the publisher.)

“Carol…Here is your final cover in its template with your back cover blurb and retail price. Let me know if you approve.”

(After seeing this book cover design….)

Wow!  This is really eye catching…that people would want to pick this up and read it.

What do you think? Its very richness in the way you designed this…like no other book…which tells me the uniqueness of this piece of work. Looks enriching.

I can see why you liked my 2nd blurb version…to the design of this book cover. It really seemed outstanding…it’s so fitting.

“It’s perfect!”

It was unbelievable. Thanks.

(It is only a matter of time; that you will be reading this book, published in 2016)

Carol Kappes
Inspired of the book process
And the teamwork involved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake

This is devastation at its worse;
With buildings collapsed, many have
Been injured and still not found.

So sorry for the loss of loved ones,
Buried within the rubbish of what
Was once so strong and built of steel.

It gets too close to home… suddenly
Without much notice, and wrecks pain
And misery to those who are victims.

We just never know what will happen
In our daily life, always live each day with
Peace and love to those around us.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired of actual event
And around the world, too

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It makes you approachable
It creates enjoyment
It has an effect on others
It indicates happiness
It often shows friendliness
It is a universal language
It satisfies your mood
It enhances your voice
It produces less stress
It can empower you
It lessens frown lines
It shows a caring attitude
It tells of a character trait
It helps to pass it on

Carol Kappes 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

Behind Moments

I just love it when you’re
Standing behind me.

It sends emotional thrills 
Up and down my spine.

When you press your lips
To the side of my neck…

The exhilarating feelings of
Sensation are overwhelming.

Your hands caress my hips
In gentleness and love.

Your touch is so inviting;
I feel your desire is strong.

This relaxing moment is ours,
You and me in an embrace.

Carol Kappes 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

It Sends Me Chills

Hearing about the terrorism
Attacks in Belgium and then
Watching the news and hearing
Their stories; sends chills in me.

Seeing the pictures of all the
Devastation from the bombs
Shows firsthand the evil in the
World and grief to the families.

Hearing about the deaths and
The ones in the hospitals taking
Recovery day by day, prayers
Are being sent on their behalf.

Seeing the price we pay for
Thinking we can be safe in this
World does not hold true when
Terrorists want to ruin life.

Carol Kappes 2016
Inspired of actual event

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Mind into Porn

Watching porn ruins a man’s performance:

Treating women for their joy
Kissing is almost non existent
Less teasing for excitement
Ways of seduction is missing
Distorted view of normality
Romance is only subtle
Early problems in impotence
Mind altered in state of pleasure
It becomes an addiction pattern
Lack of vitality and strength
Mental state towards fantasy
Spontaneous moments lessened

Best to educate in articles/books

Carol Kappes    2016
Inspired of unhappy relationships,
Performance, and erectile dysfunction 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Why Do You Drink So Much?

To an intelligent woman’s mind:

You don’t have self-control
You “gulp” your drinks down
You make yourself a “fool”
You think it’s all in the fun
You make an “ass” of yourself
You lack male growth/maturity
You set yourself up like a “clown”
You don’t care so much about it
You deny that you have a problem
You display social awkwardness
You lack responsible behavior
You drive illegal when intoxicated

Carol Kappes    2016
Both men and women can
Become dependent/addicted

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Atrocity and War

This connection of mine was corresponding with many issues and topics.  We are living in a dangerous world when we hear the atrocities that happen all the time…makes us all wonder why?  You will read some troubling words in this interview…and of course it is the reality some people face under extreme genocide and taking of so many lives of various groups of people.  Yes, indeed, it gave my ears full. 

Most often times it is man that reads these things, about political and warfare.  Many times women read other things in life.  I also noted my own father listening to the world news and what is happening in today’s world, and my mother did also.

I had heard this man’s voice; he is correct that atrocities have been happening for so many years.  I lived in a world of peace as a young child, but I cannot say that for my children. They grew up hearing about 9/11 as they were students in elementary school. Never before when I was a student had I heard of school and theatre shootings, as I do now.  They say that history repeats itself, because it seems that each generation have their own issues and problems. Killings will always continue in the earthly world…and to me, it is senseless that as humans we cannot learn how to love and have peace and share in this world.

Social Networker in quotes        Carol Kappes unquote             Editing


“Just go to You Tube (or Google search) and type in experts predicting bad times, Jade Helm and end times and things like that.”

Yes, I had heard that many people from the eastern and western worlds’ predict or wonder if end times are close then we realize. Look at this world, many divorces, singles left, children are unloved.

“Type in end times and global collapse and you’ll get an ear full.”

Poverty. I have to agree.  I don’t have much money these days.

“Money will be worthless, gold and silver useless.”

The middle class is shrinking, young couples having hard times enjoying. Government seems to be controlling us then?

“An acre of land was $10,000 and gas $100 and a mobile home $17,000 and turkey burger 40 cents and now land is $50,000, gas $275, mobile home 40,000, turkey meat is $2.75.”


“They talk about jobs.  Jobs won’t do it. You need to make $2.000 a week. Jobs quit keeping up with inflation by the mid 80’s”

Omg; no wonder

“They raise taxes and food and fuel to suck all the money from the middle class and it’s gone.”

Sounds awful

“So Communism rears its ugly head now.”

Oh my gosh, so close to the truth. We are hurting; and I am not wrong.

“When they disarm us, the commies do their dirty work.”

Omg; you are scaring me. Don’t.

“You think it isn’t true?”

I’m leaving right now.

“Click on things that say genocide and murder. There is a whole list of things there. I’ll go look.”

Jewish Genocides Today and Yesterday.  100 Million Christians, 1920-40. Palestinian Genocidal Killings, Israeli & Jewish Racial Purity Laws, Israel’s Palestinian Apartheid Laws, The Iraqi Genocide 1990-Now, Anti-Christian Movement, 100,000 Ringworm Children Poisoned/Radiated in Israel by Zionists, War Against Middle East, German Blockade 1933-1940. Iraqi Blockade 1990-Now, Jewish Hatred of Gentiles, Jewish Hate Crimes Against Other Jewish Sects, Jewish White American/USA Genocide, 1946 Deportation of Non-Jewish Whites, Jewish Slaughter of Christians for Persians in Jerusalem, 641 AD, American Civil War,  The Black Holocaust, Israel’s Sampson Plan, Israeli Theft of Palestinian Lands, Map of the Shrinking Palestine.”

All because they (Jews) turned away from God?

Then my social networker went on to describe the scenario and scene if you will picture; describing the horror it must feel like to these people under all these atrocities.

“Carol, how will you handle it if you are loaded into the trucks and taken to be shot in the back of the head and you’re walking and you hear the shot and you see the people falling down the loading docks and you only have about 30 more shots to go and then it’s your turn.  Will you be able to maintain…”

I would pray to God.

“…will you go with dignity or run like a mother fucker and then they machine gun you down?  Will you be like the guy that had the newspaper and piss and poop yourself, or to develop gas and cut a series of farts and stink up the whole truck.”

Stop. Very cruel, isn’t it? 

“Will you call them communist bastards?”

Men are worse than animals?

“Reality for 100 million Slavs loaded into trucks and shot in the back of the head and who knows how many in the Stan countries it could easily have been 50 million and 150 million Chinese. It is communism and they never had to pay for what they did to the people. Jews had created it and they killed tens of millions for no reason.”

Jews disbelief and disobeyed God. They would then be problematic?

“If you can understand that 90 per cent of us in the USA will be killed soon, then it hits home.  Let’s die together, Carol.”

I’ll die in Christ…n live in Heaven. I did my work…although I had more goals.  Those articles too sad for me…as a woman…to read them.  This world is faltering.  It’s no wonder my writing brings happiness and joy to the heart; even my own.

He told me he listens to choir music, “I could listen to this over anything”, when they are in harmony. He did give me the name. It sounded so beautiful.

“Carol, you don’t want the truth. I read about this shit every day for 20 years.  I read about how the Communist Jews murdered 10 million of our people over 70 year period. I read how they nailed German women to barn doors and used them for target practice. The Germans found the ground littered with German boys and girls raped to death. Thousands of them. Littering the ground Raped and killed by the Slavic hordes.  Now I don’t know if it was the Jews among them, but it was fucked up.  They found hundreds of German women with their babies stomped  out of their womb. After WW2 the Jewish Eisenhower put 2 million German soldiers in an open field and 1.7 million died. You didn’t know we had Jewish presidents, did you?  Teddy was and so was FDR, Eisenhower and LBJ. So Jews were in power during our most turbulent times. Wilson was being blackmailed by Jews.”

Omg; no…I didn’t need to hear all of these killings…but it tells me that men are animals.

“People can kill millions and don’t give a damn. But whites can’t for too long, but Jews could do it for 100 years.”


I can see where the necessity of war crimes is needed against retaliation or when someone had attacked you, and you had to fight back.  But when it is about faith, religion, culture, or anything of this nature…I would like to see it abolished or ended. For we must stop EVIL and LOVE should prevail for peace to be in the world.

It probably is a good idea that we do not know our future; or how we will die.  We shouldn’t have to worry, but to enjoy life; which we should do in a kinder, gentler world.

Carol Kappes  2015
Dedicated to MH
Inspired of atrocities and wars.