Thursday, February 12, 2015

Show Love with Kindness

This young man replied back to me a month later after I had thanked him for the endorsements through LinkedIn.  He is currently a college student studying for possible healthcare career. A student from the new generation; I find him interested in the knowledge he seems to be getting through my words…he lets me know in small ways…as I think it gives him value to his life.

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Thank you for endorsing me.  You are kind and wish you much success in your endeavors in life.

“Thanks darling,”

Darling!  YOU sure know how to make a woman happy.

“But I don’t have lot of experience how make women’s happy”

It’s in your choice of words!  Woman want love and affection; followed by sex…whereas men view sex and love together. When I saw “darling,” that gave me a happiness. It’s also in the care and kindness that you leave; with the one that you love.

“Oh darling, you are so sweet and I love you.”

(I didn’t expect this last sentence written back)

Carol Kappes   2015
Dedicated to JM
Inspired of loving kindness

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