Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gossip, Opinion, or Knowledge

I have been one to be curious about life; ever
Since I have been a child on the swing set.
I often did a lot of thinking back then.

And I still do!

And I have been one that didn’t care to hear
From others’ gossip and opinion.  That is just
Something that comes freely without thought.

I rather think!

And I was the one in science class that enjoyed
Discovering answers to the hypothesis; what happens
If you mix 2 parts hydrogen with 1 part oxygen?

Thinking brings knowledge.

The answer is WATER.

Carol Kappes   2014
Dedicated to RA
“Know the difference”
Inspired that after knowledge;
Wisdom is to find the truth


Carol Kappes said...

I noticed that when I placed a picture for the verse titled "Gossip, Opinion or Knowledge" I then reread my verse titled "It's a New Beginning For:" and it had three words, but not in the identical order to this picture chart.

The picture chart had understanding, knowledge and wisdom; but in my verse I had them in different order.

Great minds think alike; or so that they say. Most often after I write I will then look for a picture to go with the verse for some visual aid.

Thanks for reading,

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
I remember writing this verse after chatting with someone by web cam. There was something that was said between the two of us; that the spark to this verse had been written!

Many of my verse have been written in this sort of way; inspired with a thought of mindset that gave me feelings to be "stirred up" and then written.

May your own knowledge bring lots of joy to your life,

The Sojourner said...

My read...its a new season for believing- for knowledge- for now we have moved into the Reason.
Understanding...The way of the knowledge and Wisdom of God.