Thursday, April 17, 2014


Remember that the one that betrayed you
Knew it from the start;

It was planned out or premeditated.

And it was executed afterwards.

Carol Kappes   2014


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers;
Unfortunately this happens often, in many kinds of situations.
May the hurt heal as time goes by.
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Carol Kappes said...

When I write; I tend to think of this earthly life and the spiritual life.

Think on this verse, there is the story of Jesus at the Last Supper and saying that “Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me.” How does Jesus "know all things?" He "hears" from His Father.

Then I think of the criminals where there is investigation and they are looking for items that could lead to possible "premeditation n. planning, plotting or deliberating before doing something. Premeditation is an element in first degree murder and shows intent to commit that crime."

And of course, in ending a marriage; there is one individual that is going to "betray" the other person from the "broken promises" of a commitment.

And then there are the country or political situations of unfair treatment for humanity.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!