Monday, April 1, 2013

I Want a New Life!

It has become stale.
It is lacking in spirit.
It seems like it died.
Shall I buy a new life?
Where can I order it from?
Will it be better?
How can I improve it?

Maybe it needs a new outlook?
Maybe it requires more energy?
Maybe it needs some activity?

Revive it with new ideas,
Thoughts, and adventures!

Carol Kappes    2012
Dedicated to JL

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Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers!
Rereading this verse; I found that this also pertains to those who are afflicted with an injury, illness, tragedies, wars, prisoners, etc that takes a toll of your mind. Sometimes the only way that you can "Move On" is just that; you must change your outlook and begin with new things within your mind.
Please take care each and everyone of you in your life. Wishing you the best that life offers you.