Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carol Kappes: Author of Verse

This is creative, original work.
Most thoughts happen to appear
And is written down very quickly.

The mind does not memorize.
It’s random thinking at its best.
The verse shows emotions well.

The only reference most often
Used is the dictionary; for use of
Words to express the thought.

It tells of life experiences, and
Gives guidance to our well being;
A happiness we all seek to find.

Diplomatic towards humanity and
Voicing for a redesigned world;
In the years of the 21st century.

Carol Kappes  2012
Author of Verse
Carol’s Corner

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You have become very selfish
Only think of your own needs
You do not want to share
Think you’re better than others
Shows signs of disrespect
Do not live a Godly life
You want to fulfill your desires
You feast while others suffer
Decisions based on your choices
An effect that you want more
Your ego has become self-centered

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of Greed

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


By mail in a letter, of notes written in ink
By parcel in a box, gifted and wrapped
By newspaper, checking out news and weather
By animals, for protection and guidance
By camera, sending pictures to loved ones
By Morse code, electric telegraph sent
By radio, playing music and news
By Braille, reaching out to the blind
By chalkboard or smart board; view presentations
By telephone, hearing their voice message
By television, viewing the news and shows
By walkie-talkie, a trans receiver for messages
By microphone, talking out to the crowd
By fax, sending and showing information
By cell, seeing text messages written
By computer, checking the e-mail sent
By mobile device, use of GPS and internet
By webcam, seeing live video
By laptop, chatting and sharing interests
By mobile phone, talk, text, and use of apps

Carol Kappes

Saturday, October 6, 2012



We want it fast!

Carol Kappes   2012
Inspired of X and Y Generation

Monday, October 1, 2012

Find the Key to:

The vehicle, the door, the locker, the trunk, the mail box, the safe, the map
Their commitment, their happiness, their love, their heart, their joy, their passion
Your endeavors, your goals, your wealth, your health, your life, your soul
Don’t Lose It—

Carol Kappes