Thursday, February 23, 2012

Truly Disappointed!

I'm truly disappointed with
the acts/actions of the USA
military toward Afghanistan.

Where is our dignity and
respect to other nations?

Our worthiness, guard to protect
our land does not involve their
religion or their Holy Book.

What happened to the best of
our  American soldiers?

Carol Kappes    2012
Inspired by actual events

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feedback Sent to Me - 5

I m just reading your blog and it has touched my are so natural and realistic, which is reflecting in your blog....all the very best and please never through away the pen... May God bless u....

From bottom of my heart, I m wishing you all the very best as an author in the society.

you are so kind dear  as human being and writer dear

and i must say you look very cute in the pic...i loved it...:)

nice blog. thank you.

I appreciate more your writing. I can teach you French and you can teach me English.

Yes, I am visiting your website. Impressed instantly by text there. I found that these words match with my feelings. I will have a good read after one day atleast.

I am always inspired by beautiful words, pure feelings, extraction of one's perfect observation on life and dynamics of life. I respect qualified people in their respective fields of interest. I am never satisfied by desire to pursue different streams of knowledge.

I read one of your Blog named " A cup of Coffee or Tea". It is very good, wonderful.

“Keep writing”

 I am soo happy for ur blog

In general I love to read books. I read your blog, it is really inspired me.

You are magnetized;
Really good
 Magnetize the like minded, have similar thinking and symmetry; otherwise magnet repulse

Marriage partners need…
Yes, partners need .. strong words RESPECT.. HONESTY..TRUST..FORGIVENESS.. COMMITMENT.. LOVE

Thank You!  This is written for all my national and international readers and friends.  I’m surprised how well received this has been.  Thank you, again!

Carol Kappes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DEFINE LOVE. What is the Power of LOVE?

Love is the warm embrace, the passionate kiss, the touch of your hair, the scent of perfume, and the making of LOVE!

Love is the mother’s bond, the infant cuddled, the proud father, the joyful moment, and the blessing from ABOVE!

Love is the helping hand, the food prepared, the medicines given, the shelter found, and the people COMFORTED!

Love is the guiding light, the chosen path, the righteous one, the true believers, and the way to HEAVEN!

Carol Kappes   2011
Inspired of love created

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Are Magnetized!

By my eyes
By my lips
By my smile
By my hair
By my kiss
By my embrace
By my touch
By my words
By my charm
By my grace
By my love
By my energy
By my spirit
By my desire
By my passion

Carol Kappes

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marriage Partners Need…..

I need love and you need love
I need a smile and you need a smile
I need a kiss and you need a kiss
I need respect and you need respect
I need honesty and you need honesty
I need support and you need support
I need prayer and you need prayer
I need forgiveness and you need forgiveness
I need a compliment and you need a compliment
I need happiness and you need happiness
I need trust and you need trust
I need care and you need care
I need kindness and you need kindness
I need loyalty and you need loyalty
I need to talk and you need to talk
I need to listen and you need to listen
I need to share and you need to share
I need a hug and you need a hug
I need pleasure and you need pleasure
I need closeness and you need closeness
I need devotion and you need devotion
I need laughter and you need laughter
I need intimacy and you need intimacy
I need fulfillment and you need fulfillment
I need commitment and you need commitment

Carol Kappes  2011
In collaboration
Dedicated to MI

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Balm Your Lips!

It’s so important to keep
Them subtle and pretty.

Be it summer time
From hot, scorching sun

Be it winter time
From dry, warm heat

You don’t want to end up
With dry, cracked lips!

Always Keep Them Moist

Carol Kappes