Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas so Bright (2012)

Christmas decorations all so bright
In the glistening snow of white
On this wintery cold night

It is an awesome, beautiful sight
When you see the blinking light
On this wintery cold night

Families gathered around so tight
For the meal to soon take plight
On this wintery cold night

Thoughts went to the Saviour’s might
The reason for peace and not to fight
On this wintery cold night

Carol Kappes   2012
Carol’s Corner
State of Minnesota
United States of America

Saviour means (One that brings salvation
Of souls)     May He Bless the World.

Greetings to all of you this Christmas and
Wishing you all happiness, joy, peace and love!


Sam Proffitt said...

Hey Carol. I enjoyed this very much. Well written.

Carol Kappes said...

Thank you!
Yes, as always I'm just surprised at how it comes together. Each end rhymes together and it didn't take me long to work up this piece.
I write when the thoughts come into my head and it is some sort of mystery! I do not just sit down and be at a desk to work up the verse. My thoughts come when they arise into my mind.