Wednesday, October 10, 2012


By mail in a letter, of notes written in ink
By parcel in a box, gifted and wrapped
By newspaper, checking out news and weather
By animals, for protection and guidance
By camera, sending pictures to loved ones
By Morse code, electric telegraph sent
By radio, playing music and news
By Braille, reaching out to the blind
By chalkboard or smart board; view presentations
By telephone, hearing their voice message
By television, viewing the news and shows
By walkie-talkie, a trans receiver for messages
By microphone, talking out to the crowd
By fax, sending and showing information
By cell, seeing text messages written
By computer, checking the e-mail sent
By mobile device, use of GPS and internet
By webcam, seeing live video
By laptop, chatting and sharing interests
By mobile phone, talk, text, and use of apps

Carol Kappes

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Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
When reading down this list; I was thinking "I wonder what the future of advancements in technology would be like many future years from now?" This is quite an interesting statement; for we now know something else will be added to this list then!

Talk about progress being made; great thinkers in generations do this sort of thing. Without that, life would be the same, but it isn't this way.

Thanks for viewing my blog.