Thursday, March 1, 2012

Early Childhood

Think back far in time
As a child in your prime.

What were your interests?  Was it really cool?
What did you do before you started school?

Look back into your activity
And was it all really pretty?

It’s given a clue to your being
That you will find quite interesting-

Were you a writer? Making scribbles everywhere
Were you a reporter?  Constantly talking and asking questions
Were you a beautician?  Combing your sister’s and mother’s hair
Were you an artist? Drawing on the wall
Were you an engineer? Taking things apart
Were you a teacher? Telling stories to your sibling
Were you a scientist?  Discovering the seeds, soil, and plants
Were you an astronaut?  Interested in the stars, moon, and sky
Were you a baker? Finding recipes and gathering ingredients
Were you a nurse? Bandaging your doll’s hurts
Were you a musician? Clanking the pots and pans
Were you a banker? Playing with money and coins
Were you a farmer? Using toy tractors and animals
Were you a race car driver?  Playing with hot wheels

The creation of what was once in play
In just a little way-
May be the talents you still have today!

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspiration from childhood
Dedicated to MSK


Slawek said...

Very nice. We all came into this world with unique gifts. This is what we were born to be. Somewhere along the way people get disconnected from their true essence and what a joy it is when they get reacquainted with it once again,

Carol Kappes said...

Hi Slawek:
Thanks for viewing my blog. Yes, I agree that we all have gifts. Many times I tell students to look at what their interests in school is and find a career within that. For me I liked art, creative writing, science, and history. And this is what I use in my career today.

I was the girl that wrote scribbles in my dad's magazine when you could send for information on the address label, and I enjoyed doing that as I wanted to write, and also I was the girl that had drawn artwork on the wall. And I remember when my mom came in and told me not to draw on the wall. Oh, I had learned early!