Thursday, February 23, 2012

Truly Disappointed!

I'm truly disappointed with
the acts/actions of the USA
military toward Afghanistan.

Where is our dignity and
respect to other nations?

Our worthiness, guard to protect
our land does not involve their
religion or their Holy Book.

What happened to the best of
our  American soldiers?

Carol Kappes    2012
Inspired by actual events


Carol Kappes said...

Hi Readers:
This was written on behalf of world news that I had read over the internet. What I can't stand in living life is the rude behaviour displayed between people. We all have an intelligent brain superior to animals; and it should really be used that way.

We should display knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and intelligence in the way we live.

And any scripture written from any prophet/prophetess should be guarded as the source of the way to live in this world.

Carol Kappes said...

Afghanistan: I'm truly sorry for another incident today that I just heard first from my son. Then I went online to read it for myself.

So many sad stories; it shows that evil exists in people and in the world. What more can I say? But I try to make love spread throughout the world with my thoughts and words in my blog.

Carol Kappes said...

Tonight I just read the news that the two Presidents of USA and Afghanistan have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement. I am so happy that we are into "talking" and setting agreements on contract. May the world be a better place to live!