Saturday, November 26, 2011

Feedback Sent to Me - 4

Wow...its nice blog, Carol.

I visited your blog, as you mentioned it reflects issues from everything through the corner of your eyes. They are beautifully written and I am glad I will be able to follow your blog.

Hey! carol let me tell you that you are very beautiful

Your grip to any subject in Carol's Corner is appreciated. Keep it up.

These are impressive verses that could have a great impact on the thinking of society. I really like the idea in your mind that you even being a US citizen thinks of people like us who have been suffering from all these problems from so many years.

And you have a baeutiful smile too.

you r looking so very cute

After going through your profile and blog it appears to me that you are a multi-talented person.

What I found from your words is sheer optimism for a great change at every corner of the world.              
I liked your writtings so much as i would love to continue reading your words till the end of my life.
Honestly. in Egypt ... i am dreaming to see your inthusiasm between our young people as we are at the neck of the bottle stage. Middle east is disperatly in need to such souls like yours.

Your words is such like a magic that i felt you are touching my heart so deeply.

Your blog is quite impressive...

I see your blog you have very pure soul and you are great with words   So you are multi-talented person

your corner is very intersting and valuable information I found

you know i like creative have a art to write..its very good

have u read maslow theory ?Carol how much do you feel satisfation with your life . if i would say out of 100 ?Where do you feel in life?   : Carol i beleive u r a complete women and you dont need any companion but people need you

Thank You!  I enjoyed this year and hope you did, too.

Carol Kappes


Marie Pijanowski said...

Wow - great to be an inspiration! Congrats, Carol!

Carol Kappes said...

Thank You. I never imagined when I started it this year it would be received like this. The next year will have some more verse and also I must reserve some for my "future" plan of a book deal!

There should also be some pictures of my life as well in it. This is all visionary at the moment. But dreams can come true!