Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warfare Takes a Toll on Nations—It Must Be Stopped!

Conflicts—Talk about the conflict, find the solution, make a change.  Every Nation
           Must be accountable--Make a compromise and stick to it—And very soon!

Economy--Weakens the system of government and society. Money is not moving
           And distribution of produce and goods limited and in chaotic state.

People---They often wonder, What is happening? When will it end?  How can a
         Person live in peace with tension? Are they confused, angry, and bitter?

Destruction-It was built and destroyed in seconds.  Progress and development has
         Been stopped and delayed.  Lives lost and tremendous pain once again.

Emotions—Are the people immune to violence?  Is it a lifestyle for them?
           Does their behavior coincide with the war’s effects? Think on this!

Protection—Are the nation’s police, armed forces protecting the citizens? Do they target 
            The groups that cause violence as terrorists, gangs, crime & hate groups, etc?

Civilized—Are we becoming strong, educated and lawful abiding citizens?  Or is the
           Damages done to our character, our responsibilities and our conscience?

Atmosphere-Nuclear particles leaking in the air.  What will it do to the human
           Body and our future generations?  Will it cause fear and birth defects? 

Weaponry—Is this a cause of power or hatred?  Whatever the use; why cause bloodshed
           To human life?  It’s use was for hunting and protection of citizen’s well-being.

Carol Kappes   2011
Dedicated to RS
Inspired from networking for
Changes in the Middle East-
And all Nations Accountable
For peace of conflicts--

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