Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Do I Melt When I See You? It’s...

Your eyes, your smile, your attraction,
Your charm, your confidence, your strength,
Your character, your manners, your looks,
Your love, your devotion, and your commitment!

I Should Freeze Again;  and Start All Over—

Carol Kappes


Viswa said...

Dear Corol,

who is that lucky Guy....for that person, u wrote this wonderful feelings,

i guess u already got that lucky person in ur life, If So, then never loose him in ur life "Ok",

I can feel ur Committed feelings for that lucky person...."Great"

I am eagerly waiting for that moment, when i will meet u r lacky life partner. "All The Best for ur every scuess & Happy Days"

Warm Regards


VE -Viswanath Esikala

Carol Kappes said...

Viswa, thank you for your wonderful comments. I realize that my words touch many people's minds and hearts, which is why I started Carol's Corner, just for all of YOU!
This has been asked many times about a "lucky guy" in my life--the answer is that I am still looking and searching for HIM! Currently in my life I am a Mother of two children.

Sithara said...

Hi Carol,
I just loved the way you have expressed . . Perfect set of words put together in a poetic form . . Wonderful.

M. Saleem said...

Carol !

Actually, you are a magician of words. And words are not only simply words but they have a strong back ground of height of an unique thinking, which is your habit.

I have no fear to say that you can freeze someone and also can melt someone easily by the power of your words.

Carol, You made me wordless by your word-game.

Thanks for your precious granting of decent thoughts,


Carol Kappes said...

Hi everyone:
You know, I'm amazed at myself; how the start of many of these verses have been written. I agree it must be a certain "thinking" style-
When it appears in my thoughts, I can be anywhere and doing anything when they come. Now I carry a notebook with me! If I don't write the thoughts down when they come, I can't seem to get them back!