Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Do I Melt When I See You? It’s...

Your eyes, your smile, your attraction,
Your charm, your confidence, your strength,
Your character, your manners, your looks,
Your love, your devotion, and your commitment!

I Should Freeze Again;  and Start All Over—

Carol Kappes

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Working Towards Our Financial Health

Begin with a budget plan
Communicate with partner
Consider the costs
Is it really needed?
Ask if it’s necessary
Look for discounts; sales
Don’t buy if wanted
Balance your checkbooks
Pay credit cards monthly
Reserve 10-20% to savings
Give some for charity
Begin an investment
Plan for unexpected job loss,
    medical needs, repairs
Plan for retirement
Discuss future needs

Will Bring Us To Financial Wealth!

Carol Kappes   2011
Inspiration from my Father
When I was a child

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your Feedback Sent to Me!

1. I have gone through your Blog.
It was Awsome.
I liked it very much.
Keep going.

 2. I am looking forward for more creative thoughts from your end.

 3. You have nicely placed everything. I have read all posted and love notes including meaning of your name. You are really a nice human being and personality. Your deep and inspirable thought are really touching me. Anyway thanks to be so kind.

 4. I mean if you could tell me about goal of your life or do you have some kind of high responsibility. You are very social in nature. Do you want to contribute something towards society or publication is your area of work.

 5. Amazing Bolg. I loved your name and the way you introduced yourself. People need such a blog to inspire their life. Thanks for sending me the link to it :-)

 6. Happy Valintine Day to you from depth of my Heart!

 7. Wow, I just checked your blog, very poetic, sentimental and romantic.

 8. that's nice,
keep on going, Never compromise, until u get the best,(that should loyal & honesty wish)

 9 .You have a very lively blog, it spills out energy into any reader's mind. I liked the aura it depicts.

10. i  have visited your profile and its quite impressive, good work.

11. Your smiling is also making me smile...(You are pure gifted!)

12. Will surely visit your blog and thanks again from me and my fellow LI networkers for having such a beautiful blog & helping people from all walks of life...
I really appreciate the subject mater of your blog-not because I like it but because everybody needs it at some point of time & your blog serves the purpose...
Keep being so humane & kind
Stay always beautiful as your blog

13. You are doing very good job. Keep it up.

14. Long, live Carol

(Some comments appeared on LinkedIn updates, also, but I did not copy all of them! And there were countless others not listed.) 

Thank You Very Much!

Carol Kappes

Friday, March 4, 2011


Today I journeyed out beyond
To capture scenes that I'm so fond.
The melting snow causing water trickles
And added rain that just drizzles.

With help from the bright, warming sun
The days quickly go on, one by one.
Soon there'll be new growth all around
As nature begins without a sound!

Carol Kappes--1986

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is Pain?

Is a natural event when birth arrives
When you touch something hot
Is the dysfunction of a family
Is experienced when love has ended
Is acted upon by natural disasters
Any unrest, wrong-doing, injustice
It happens when hunger strikes
It occurs due to mental anguish
Is caused by careless decisions
When feelings/emotions are shattered
The loss of one’s employment
When the human spirit is lost
It occurs against someone’s will
Any betrayal, false claims, terrorists
Happens in illness, disease, and accidents
Anything caused by fire or explosions
Taking away a person or thing
Is a profound grief when someone dies

We Have to Endure It-

Carol Kappes  2011
Inspired by Friend